A short summary of “Cinderella” Essay

A short summary of “Cinderella”, 501 words essay example

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Ella and her parents were living happily in a peaceful kingdom. Unfortunately, Ella's mother fall into ill and passed away. Ella's father remarries a widow, Lady Tremaine. She had two daughter named Drisella and Anastasia. Ella's stepmother show her true face by becoming cruel to Ella when Ella's father when abroad for business purposes and became more cruel after Ella's father passed away. Lady Tremaine dismisses all the servant and made Ella to do all the chores. One cold day, Ella was sleeping by the fireplace. When she wake up her face covered with cinder so she had be called as 'Cinderella'. When Cinderella went to the jungle she met Kit an apprentice from the palace hunting a stag. Cinderella convinces Kit to let go the stag without knowing that Kit was the prince of the kingdom. Meanwhile, at the palace the king wanted the prince to get married soon as he was ill. They were arranging a royal ball where Kit wants all the maiden too to attend the ball with the hope that he can see Cinderella. Tremaine family get excited to attend the ball and get ready for the ball. Cinderella also excited and get ready with her mother's pink dress. But her stepmother and stepsisters tear her dress and went to the ball. When Cinderella was crying at the garden she met with a fairy godmother who uses her magic and form a beautiful carriage with the horses and coachman. She also transform the ripped dress into a gorgeous blue dress and with a beautiful glass slippers. But she warned Cinderella that the magic will be broken at the last strokes of midnight. Everyone get mesmerised with the beauty of Cinderella and she dance with Kit. Cinderella surprised with the identity of Kit, as the prince. Both of them walk at the Kit's garden but before she could tell Kit her name she heard the clock striking. She ran away and accidentally drop one of the glass slipper on steps. All the magic had been broken and everything back to its origin form. Cinderella hide the glass slippers under the floorboard. When Kit became the king after the death of his father, he announces that he was finding a mystery girl with the glass slippers. Unfortunately, Lady Tremaine had took the shoe and give some conditions in order to allow Cinderella to marry the king but Cinderella did not accept the conditions. Lady Tremaine smashed the slipper and lock Cinderella. The mission to find the girl started but no one fit the slippers. Finally they arrives at Cinderella's house. Cinderella's stepsisters tried it out but it did not fit them. When they were about to leave the house they heard Cinderella's singing and get her to try on the slipper. Finally, Ella and Kit reunites. Cinderella forgives her stepmother and stepsisters and they leave the kingdom with the Grand Duke. Kit and Cinderella marries and rule the kingdom with courage and kindness. They live happily ever after.

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