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A homework assignment is often transformed into daily hard labor. What only parents fail to encourage their students to complete a homework assignment at a university or college - and asking, and persuading, and quarreling. In the end, after an exhausting struggle with his parents, the student reluctantly performs this task in a qualitative way.

But how can students be trained on their own and without constant reminders to do homework? So, to begin with, you need to understand that the preparation of homework is an important and serious matter for the student. And it is necessary for the student to understand the new topic, learn about it, understand all the teaching materials and consolidate his solid knowledge in the field by effectively coaching in solving various homework tasks.

We offer some useful and multifunctional advice from psychologists, how you can perform high-quality homework.

Workplace for homework

The college/university student's workplace is very important for a successful homework assignment. It should be as safe and comfortable as possible for the student. Table and chair - adjusted according to height. On the table - a lamp and all the necessary stationery. Also, on the desk, at the table, on the shelf, in the closet, place more boxes, boxes, all sorts of separators, in which things can be laid out. If everything is laid out in its places, then in my head, too, will be ordered. Mobile phone, laptop, radio, tablet, and TV should be in a different room and not distract. After all, the fewer student will be distracted, the faster study homework assigned to the university.

The task is for the student, not the mom and dad!

Once and for all parents need to recognize for themselves - homework is given to students in their higher education institutions, and not to their parents! Therefore, in no case need to carry out tasks to replace their child. A son or daughter needs help, guidance, and a push to resolve homework. Self-fulfilling homework, student studies organization, self-discipline, problem-solving. And all these qualities will be useful in the future of life.

One of the options for self-esteem in a child is self-fulfilling work. If the parents help a lot, then they deprive the student of a sense of pride in their own task, because the young man will have the thought: "Mum did it in my place!"

Praise and support

Every person, and moreover, the student needs the support of loved ones. Therefore, parents should praise not only the results of work done on homework but also the efforts made to this end. It is worthwhile to throw out all the negative that not only frustrates and slows down any activity, but it can worsen mental activity. If parents think that they spend their "precious" time to help the student and constantly emphasize this, she will develop complex inferiority and a sense of unnecessary.

Therefore, such phrases as - "It could not have been done in three minutes!", "I would at this time ...", it is necessary once and for all to throw out the parents' vocabulary. In no case can the so-called "direct-suggestion formula" be used, where the words "never", "always", "constantly", "again" or negative characteristics of the child are used: lazy, inattentive, etc. After all, the constant repetition of such formulas shows the student, how little it can and how negative its future may be.

Loading and rest

It should be noted that if the university/college assigns homework to small stages, then it will help concentrate and overcome the difficulties of a different nature. Therefore, training is required to alternate with the rest. Students can concentrate on studying the subject only for 20-30 minutes, after which it is better to make a break for 10 minutes because they need a regular change in their functional activities.

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Invite the student to share the time spent on homework assignments to the functional parts and to control it by means of an alarm clock and after a long load, take a break. But at rest, it does not mean the game by computer or watching TV. For breaks, it suits:

  • Delicious, useful and tasty pearl (tea with lemon, honey, banana, citrus, nuts, candied fruits). It's not good to cook pastries, sandwiches;
  • Physical exercises, gymnastics or just jogging;
  • Help in solving home affairs;
  • Interesting board games.

The correct order of homework execution

When a student sat down to accomplish homework by completing their homework paper, homework writing service, it is first better to take up writing work. To start, choose the easy tasks, and after them, you can tackle the more complex ones. As a result, the brain is involved in learning and raises mental performance. You can end up with your favorite subjects.

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Preparation of oral subjects and preparation for control work must begin at the end, after a small rest. Whether it is a paragraph on history or a poem from literature, it necessarily needs to be divided into 3-4 equal parts. Here is one of the principles on the basis of which human memory works: the brain better memorizes small volumes of information than large ones. That is, it is better to remember the passages of the text than the whole text.

Do not overload the student with additional tasks. At home, you only need to do what is given at school. After all, human life cannot consist only of mental activity.

Memoir for student's parents

1. Educate the habit of the student to carry out homework systematically;

2. It is possible to start tasks 2-3 hours after training at the university/college. Best time - from 16.00 to 18.00;

3. Encourage the student to sit down to perform homework without reminders or delays;

4. Teach your student to initially draw up a plan of future homework assignments that were given by university/college teachers so that he could then go on to work independently;

5. Remind the student to repeat the rules that they learned at lectures and practical classes at the university/college;

6. Educate the student self-control, self-analysis, and self-assessment. The simplest and most effective method is to compare today's level of homework with yesterday. Focus on small victories, so that the child will understand them and try to achieve more results;

7. Do not compare the results of student training with the results of other students;

8. At the beginning of the school year at a higher educational institution, it is useful to control how a student performs homework. Regularly check if the student understands correctly the study material at the university/college. In the first semester, it is better to do it every evening, and in the second semester, the control can be reduced to 3-4 times a week;

9. To review - does not mean "to make a difference": never put students ready-made answers and decisions concerning the homework given at a higher educational institution.

If a student is lazy and does not want to do the careful execution given to him at a higher educational institution in which he studies various homework, he can come to the aid of writing various difficulty homework from completely different scientific disciplines, which are taught at colleges/universities. It is here that online, an experienced team of highly skilled professionals will quickly, qualitatively complete your homework given to you at a higher educational institution, you will have free time, you will not waste your efforts and you will not experience the final assessment of your profile subject, After all, you will successfully complete all homework!

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