Business message as an important part of company’s image Essay

Business message as an important part of company’s image, 498 words essay example

Essay Topic: business, image, important

The "you" attitude refers to when a person is properly communicating to their audiences choices and/or desires. When speaking or writing a message to an audience, you should communicate in the second person (you) rather than first person (I, we). In addition, you want to be as polite as possible, and not come off as demanding.
You should communicate in the passive voice when you want your subject to perform an action. The three situations in which you should consider using a passive voice is when (1) pointing out a particular problem, (2) pointing out something without taking blame or credit for a certain situation, or (3) when avoiding the words I and we to create an objective tone.
An abstract word is something intangible, and is not physical it expresses an "idea, concept, quality, or characteristic." A concrete word on the other hand is something you can sense, and is specific to "touch, see, or visualize."
You can use sentence style to emphasize key thoughts in a number of ways. You can give important points the most space, and when using a thought, you can use extra words to describe it. You may also add a short sentence to lengthen the first sentence, and call attention to a certain thought by making it the subject. One last way is to put an idea at the beginning or end of a sentence to give it a bigger impact.
Transitions serve a multitude of things transitions can be served for "additional detail, cause-and-effect relationship, comparison, contrast, condition, illustration, time sequence, intensification, summary, and repetition."
I do not think food manufacturers have an ethical responsibility to ensure that consumers read, understand, and follow warnings on their food products. The labels are there for a reason, and tell potential consumers what are in the product. Therefore, it is up to the consumer to know what their allergens are, and be responsible enough to read the labels themselves. If the consumer doesn't read the label, they should be the ones that are responsible for the consequences, not the food manufacturer.
You can communicate with an authentic voice all the while projecting your company's image when composing a business message. Your company's image is the most important, but you need to first establish credibility, otherwise the audience will not trust you. The next steps you must take to make sure that you are using an authentic voice is "honesty, objectivity, awareness of audience needs, credentials, knowledge, expertise, endorsements, performance, confidence, and sincerity." By taking these correct measures, you will ensure that you have life long customers.
I think that you should always use transitions even if the message is logical and already obvious to you. The same may not be said for the receiver of the message, and may confuse them. Transitions help with the overall flow of the message, and makes for a more organized message. In addition it helps to ensure that the audience has a full grasp of what you are saying.

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