Business Organization of Bluewaters Aqua Club Essay

Business Organization of Bluewaters Aqua Club, 496 words essay example

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Choice of new markets will be based on the results of feasibility analysis of candidate markets chosen for the expansion plans. The feasibility analysis will cater for economic, social and financial aspects of the market. This will enable the company make the best choices regarding the new markets to enter into. For instance, economic feasibility will primarily concentrate on the ability of the potential customers to demand for and afford the services provided by the company. Market development, therefore, will be a grand growth strategy for the company.
Product Development
Through research and development, product development aims at creation of new products and services. This is often done in an innovative approach in order to make the products or services acceptable and usable by the customers. Product development calls for a company to be ready to utilize new ideas and concepts in order to develop its current and potential mix of products and services. In the case of Bluewaters Aqua Club, a research and development team will be appointed on commencement of business activities. The team will be involved in constant research and development in order to determine any missing gaps in the company's set of services.
Through a customer-oriented relationship management, the company's research and development department will be able to obtain customers' views regarding all the proposed new services to be offered within the same market zone. Evaluation of these proposals will be on the basis of the number of customers for and against the ideas. Large scale acceptance will automatically qualify the idea to be exploited further. Some of the potential new services that the Aqua club will consider with time are establishment of gymnastics and aerobic exercise zones, development of mineral water purification and filling center and water treatment plants. This will enable the company to diversify its portfolio and hence assure the investors of its going concern capability.
In a grand strategy, innovation involves the development of new and unique business ideas into actionable processes in a company. Through constant studies, research, brainstorming and analyses, a company is able to identify new business ideas that are uniquely identified with it. Having identified the new ideas, resources are aligned towards the utilization of these ideas and their eventual conversion into services and products to be offered by the organization. Innovation is the key to attracting and retaining customers within any business venture. Bluewaters' recruitment and selection process will be diversity-oriented. By enhancing workforce diversity, the ability of the staff to come up with new ideas will be increased (In Erbe, 2014). The diversity will be in terms of age, gender, ethnic background, academic qualification and socio-economic status.
Having recruited employees with diverse background and profiles, the company will hold regular brainstorming exercises in order to help come up with new and unique business ideas. In addition, the company's research and development team will also closely interact with potential customers in order to identify any missing gaps in the company's portfolio of services and products.

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