Classroom Management Strategies Essay

Classroom Management Strategies, 497 words essay example

Essay Topic: classroom management


Teachers inside the classroom should use classroom management strategies. Classroom management strategies manage childrens punctuality and motivate them to learn. My MST during my teaching practice for the whole year were so wise where she attracted childrens attention and loyalty to the lesson and doing activities. That finished by classroom management and control. The strategies followed contributed to students development and learning. In this report, I will provide six practical classroom disciplines rules, and how they were effective to the students.

The teacher used a set of posters that encouraged children to behave well, follow the teacher during classroom activities and during demonstrate the lesson. This method is so effective and proved its effectiveness while dealing with children in the class and changed the negative behavior to be a positive one. The teacher used that through providing a sticker like a star to stick to the childs school uniform. Even put it on the childs forehead so that supported the children and managed them to do a good act. According to the theory of X and Y, children like motivational factors that affiliate them to their peers. It means they like things that make them distinguished among other students in the class, and here stickers or stamps make children satisfied and proud of themselves and do greater work. Surely, that is so supportive of children learning and development as well. (Erkilic, 2008). 

I had chosen the first rule be Kind to your classmates. This rule is important due to teaching our students to treat others nicely, by using kind words, and be tolerant of different ways. Letting the students know that the teacher is proud of them, and they should be proud of themselves by doing something in a good way. For example when the teacher sees that students being helpful or kind to others she can reward them by stars or gifts or something they like. However remind the students of class rules to be respectful and speak nicely to their peers. I had chosen this rule because this rule shows how students respect other people. So when they grow up, they will learn this rule and remember it in their entire life.

The second important rule is being helpful, in a cooperative classroom it is good to help one another so that they can respect you. If someone needs help with directions or reading an assignment, help him /her if you are able. If someone needs help with understanding the problem, tell him or her to ask the teacher for help, never putting down another student who asks for the teacher help. I picked this rule due to its also important as well for the students to learn how to be helpful, and the teacher should model it as well, so the students will help each other, or the teacher can help out if they have a specific problem. This way will make the teaching for the teacher so easier and in a better way.

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