Detailed description of the book review process Essay

Detailed description of the book review process, 502 words essay example

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A book review must be objective. It should summarize the content and analyse the sturcture as well. It aims is to give informations about a book to help others to decide if it will be useful to read it.Any good book review should follow some criteria to cover all needed informations within the review. Bibliographical Information, Background Information, Classification on the Basis of the Kind of Book, Classification on the Basis of the Author's Intention, Subject and thesis statement, Analysis of Structure, Summary of content, Critical Comments(Concordia Library on website)

In other words one can consider any book tackling any subject in any studying field as if filling a gap and that the job of the one who is making a book review is to investigate whether this particular gap has been filled or not by some key steps in doing so.

These steps are as follow An introductory paragraph, The body of the review, A conclusion. the book reviewer ,so to speak, should, while reading a book, keep some important points in his mind that is Identifying the subject matter of the book, How does the author approach the subject, Identify the question or questions the author poses at the beginning, Identify the thesis The main conclusion of the book, Which methods does the author use, What are the main weaknesses in this book.( Pols, hans)

The heading of book reviews, usually book reviews start off with a heading, includes all the bibliographic information about the book. One can use the following as a typical heading Title. Author. Place of publication publisher, date of publication. Number of pages.

Then follows an introduction which indicates what the review, in short of course, will say.

The first paragraph of the introduction contains the name of the author and title again, so the reader will not have to look up to the heading again to find this information. It should also include a brief overview of the contents of the book, the purpose or audience for the book, and reaction and evaluation of the writer of the review itself.

The next section is background information, which helps to place the book in context and discusses criteria for judging the book.

Then follows a summary of the main points of the book, quoting and paraphrasing key phrases from the author.

The core section of the book ,which is the heart of any review, is the evaluation of the book according to the writer of the book review.

While writing the evaluation of the book one should take into consideration some important points

Has the book achieved its goal?

The possibilities suggested by the book, what are they?

The untackled issues by the book(what the book left out).

how the book is unique in comparison with others on the same subject

what points within the book thar are not convincing

If there is any personal experiences which the writer have related to the subject .( Indiana University )

As a sample of book review

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