Diesel vs gasoline emissions and effects on environment Essay

Diesel vs gasoline emissions and effects on environment, 503 words essay example

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Diesel vs gasoline emissions and effects on environment
Lance Salyards
The use of gasoline in vehicles has taken a great toll on the environment. The amounts of emissions they make produce holes in the ozone layer. The exhaust also causes respiratory problems in people and animals and can irritate the eyes. By creating holes in the ozone itll effect the environment by causing more of the suns radiation to impact us. (Write a few sentences about how it has affected the environment/ozone) Therefore, Diesel motors are better for the environment than gasoline because they arent as harmful to the ozone layer.
Diesel trucks have a catalytic converter that can spry the exhaust with a mixture of animal urine and water that decreases the amount of smog and c02 that is produced and sent out the tail pipe.
Biodiesel is the green fuel answer for diesel motors it is the use of animals fats to be burned as fuel to power the motor. This decreases the amount of greenhouse gases on the ozone and the effects on people lungs. The use of biodiesel is a safer, cheaper alternative for people to start using and researchers are continuing refining and making it better. Biodiesel offers a better change for diesel community and diesel powered vehicles there are many other solutions to this problem. The first ever fuel economy rules for heavyduty commercial vehicles established for model year 2014 through 2018 will reduce carbon emissions by 270 million tons and save 530 million barrels of crude oil
Well there is many ways you go about fixing this problem one way is just stop worrying about it they dont put out as much emission as the factorys and oil rigs in the U.S. and off the coast. Another solution would be the enforce the California emissions law that limits the amount of smog and emissions on all vehicles in the state of California. This being passed can greatly lower the effects of emissions and should be passed in all states. A simpler solution can be the making more advances in technology to make better filters for the trucks and cars. This will also help lower emissions maybe even completely eliminate it completely.
In contrast to what diesel owners say gasolines motors are more efficient for the ozone due to the fact that they dont have as much of a combustion system and has a more of a control burn than diesel which allows for less soot and smog to pollute the air in many ways. Their filter system doesnt have work as hard as hard to filter the emissions from the vehicle.
On the contrary diesel motors still offer better feats than gasoline, the use of biodiesel which completely elimate the use of emissions. This will be more benefiting for the environment by recycling the fats of animals and stop the producing of holes in the ozone layer. In conclusion this is why diesel motors are more efficient for the ozone and environment.

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