Economic, technological and scientific progress of Qatar. Essay

Economic, technological and scientific progress of Qatar., 495 words essay example

Essay Topic: progress, economic, scientific

In 2005 the Qatar Financial Center established to develop the Qatar financial services industry.Relative stability and a large capital base, Qatar cause to believe that the country can become a financial services leader for the Gulf States.Qatar pledged to build 12 stateoftheart stadium, which will use cooling technologies so the players can run heat.Qatar had put itself as a sports hub in the region, hosting or planning to host numerous sporting events globally. in December 2010, Qatar was chosen to host the FIFA 2022 (Business Insider, 2014). While oil and gas will probably remain the backbone of Qatars economy for some time to come, the country seeks for other sector to develop so this time the country stimulate the private sector and develop a knowledge economy based country, so the country established the Qatar Science & Technology Park to attract and serve technologybased companies and entrepreneurs, from overseas and within Qatar. This will benefit the country in terms of science project and invention towards an educated community as well, the same time investor from inside and out of country will have a chance to invest thus making sector to grow successfully, the other side the country financial strength will be boot up indirectly and further strong up the countries and promise a permanent place in world trade market. Massive investment in the social sector and economy, Qatari government expects will lead to the development of strong financial markets.The investment, margin and nointerest loans, and capital support for internal investor makes the local citizen to moves in many business sector and enjoying the privilege in line of countries fundamental policies towards world recognized, since many of these platforms are situated in an economy based on the development, especially in the export of petroleum. It was created with a view of the longterm perspective to strengthen the development of Qatar and the wider region, developing local and regional markets, and strengthen the relationship between the energy based economy and global financial markets. The biggest ever project in Qatar, is under construction and a new town called Lusail. It will further marked the economics of Qatar and place the country in top list among the word lead countries.Due to high oil prices have credit Qatar's rapid economic growth in recent years and in year 2008 recorded budget surpluses in a row the eighth.Oil and gas still account for more than 50% of GDP about 85% of export earnings, and 70% of government revenue .Basal economy of Qatar is focused on the development of nonassociated natural gas reserves, and increasing private and foreign investment in nonenergy sectors.Qatar one of the highest per Capita income countries, for oil and gas and also one of the world's fastest growing country. Proven oil reserves of 15 billion barrels of output allows continuous output at current level of 37 years and it is also proven in the reserves of natural gas almost 26 trillion cubic meters, about 14% of the op world total and third largest in the world(

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