Effectiveness of HR functions in the company and what is HR Benchmarking? Essay

Effectiveness of HR functions in the company and what is HR Benchmarking?, 486 words essay example

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Nowadays human resources department need to be evaluated on regular time by many organizations. However, how does the management of 2degrees mobile measure HR is doing a good job? In fact, there are several approaches which can be used to evaluate HR department, such as Human Resources auditsHuman Resources benchmarking and HR balanced scorecards (Robert L. Mathis, 2014).
Human Resources Audits
HR audit is one of the most important factors to the HR functions. It is like financial audit and to conduct a more in deep analysis of the HR function to identify areas of strength and weakness and where improvements may be needed (Brown, 2015). HR audits involves a series of practices, policies and procedures and includes legal compliance, record keeping, pay equity, staff relations, health and safety and so on. Due to 2 degrees mobile is a small to medium sized enterprises, so management decided to adopt HR audits methods to measure HR department performance, because HR audits method usually can help a small to medium sized business to identify different HR issues. The management also prepared commentforms and carried out interviews which can help them to collect the information from employees in order to improve the productivity and performance of the company. With the method widely has been using in 2 degrees mobile, it helped the HR to change from a service to a more strategic role.
Human Resources benchmarking
HR Benchmarking is a process of collecting data on different areas of HRM systems from either world class or highly comparable firms or large numbers of firms worldwide, using the data to evaluate the performance of your own firm (Macky, 2015). In early this year, 2 degrees mobile changes the minds, the management decided to use benchmarking methods to measure HR practices and tried to compare HR outcomes to an industry standard, which means 2 degrees mobile put themselves to compare with worldclass companies in order to improve its performance, such as productivity, turn over, absenteeism and $ training spend etc. The first step is to evaluate how effectiveness of HR functions in the company. The second step is to benchmark HR to make sure its ongoing improvement, because the management must know how HR adds extravalue to the company. Through the methods, the management knew how competitive company is in the industry.
Balanced Scorecard
One of the effective methods to evaluate strategic human resource of an organization is balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard involves the systematic measurement of financial and nonfinancial measures that are linked in a coherent system to translate strategy into operational terms for strategic decisionmaking (Lees, 2015). It also needed to measure for each of four parts, such as financial, customers, internal business processes, learning and growth. 2 degree mobile have foreseen a situation that when results of survey decreased in consumers contentment. A few months later, both sales and consumers loyalty drops as well. Through the methods, management of 2 degrees mobile is able to focus on longrun performance and companies sustainability.

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