Engineers Make the World a Better Place Essay

Engineers Make the World a Better Place, 503 words essay example

Essay Topic: economic growth, environmental, practice, social

Engineers Make the World a Better Place
As I majored in Information and Communication Engineering during reading Master, I think I might become an engineer in a few years. Because my father is a computer engineer, I desired to be an excellent engineer who can change the world when I was a child. Until now, I still firmly believe that engineers can change the world, whether in social, economic or environmental terms.
Science and technology push our society forward continuously, engineers are those people who explore the application of knowledge and put them into practice. Engineers are the main force to promote technological change, so they are major force in human progress. As for the impact on society of my career, I think there are many aspects. Firstly, the emergence of wireless communication completely changed people's way of communication, long-distance communication has become very convenient and easy. Secondly, it is engineer who created the Internet which completely changed world. Now, with the rapid development of the Internet, we can do more and more things on the Internet, for example, we can easily find information we need through the Internet, we may even shopping on the Internet.
Refer to the influence on economy of engineer, we have too many to talk. A famous Chinese president----Deng Xiaoping, said that science and technology constitute the primary productive force. So, there is no doubt engineers contributed a lot to the economic growth. Thanks to network engineers' devotion, we can experience the vigorous development of the Internet and enjoy the convenience it brings us. As we all know , there is a famous Chinese e-commerce site, called TaoBao. Many Chinese people choose to shop on TaoBao because we can nearly find everything we need on it, besides it will deliver commodities to our home. It has made a great contribution to Chinese economic development, its boss even has become the richest man of China. After it listed on the NYSE, China Daily think it is the biggest ever IPO.( Agencies . (2014, 9, 19). Alibaba IPO prices at top of range, raising $21.8b - China Daily .
Retrieved from http//www.chinadaily.com.cn/business/tech/2014-09/19/content_18625268.htm)
Lastly, engineers also made a great contribution to environmental protection. Engineers have been trying to find environmentally friendly and renewable materials to take place of traditional materials. For example, engineers tried to use natural energy, such as solar and wind energy, to replace the traditional coal to generate electricity. We also tried to use optical fiber rather than conventional cable to transfer information, thus we not only saved energy but also improved the efficiency. It is engineer who invented e-books, with the emergence of them, people are trying to change their reading habits, now many people prefer to read e-books rather than thick and heavy paper books. Thus, we can reduce the felling of trees.
In conclusion, engineers made the world a better place, whether in social, economic or environmental aspects. I'm so proud of my career and what I will do in the future.

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