Ethical, emotional and logical appeals used in The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation advertisement against smoking Essay

Ethical, emotional and logical appeals used in The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation advertisement against smoking, 501 words essay example

Essay Topic: smoking, ethical, advertisement, cancer

Smoking is one of the leading causes to death. It damages nearly every organ of the human body, and some of its harmful effects are immediate. When looking at this ad, one can say that The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation tends to portray the message that smoking equals death. Smoking can easily put an end to one's life or can cause a number of serious diseases .The advertisement draws the picture of a hospital bed that is very much the same as the form of a cigarette. That is to say, smoking can only bring one's health into decay and end up the journey of their life in Hospitals. The advertisement builds its credibility by successfully employing ethical, emotional and logical appeals.
The first appeal that the advertisement uses to strengthen its credibility and inform the audience about the dangerous effects of smoking is the ethical appeal. In fact, The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is a registered charity that raises awareness of lung cancer and aims at helping people to avoid or quit smoking as it is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. This charity has been around since 1990 and continue to provide help, save lives and support people affected by lung cancer. So this foundation is a source that is qualified to speak on the subject , which works effectively in terms of making the audience adopt the message being sent.
In addition to the ethical appeal, the emotional appeal is the second argument used to sensitize the audience about the importance of quitting smoking. the hospital bed used in the advertisement is a kind of persuasive way that evoke fear or concern and make the audience pay attention to the message behind it. It is basically a fear appeal that triggers fear in the audience and make them realize that smoking is only a suicidal experience that causes many diseases and reduce the health of the smokers in general as it can simply damage the cells that line the lungs, and eventually cancer may develop. above all, using the emotional appeal remains very important to convince the target audience to quit smoking.
The last appeal used in the advertisement is the logical appeal. In this ad from The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, the author assumes by using the bed hospital that smoking kill people only through experiencing some pretty terrible diseases and serious health conditions. In short, cigarette smoke have been shown to have a dangerous impact on one's health, and although quitting it can be the hardest task ever, one should have the will to overcome it to live a long and happy life.
In brief, the advertisement from The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation stands against smoking and encourages people to quit it in order not to ruin their health. It is plain that the ad successfully and efficiently conveys this important message through raising awareness of the serious and mischievous effects that smoking can cause and through provoking fear in the audience.

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