F12 - new Ferrari’s creation Essay

F12 - new Ferrari’s creation, 504 words essay example

Essay Topic: creation

The new Ferraris philosophy is not that complicated ,if you want to build a new creation,you should first of all ruin the latest one,well , if you think that this is an exaggeration then you are so right, but this exaggeration can indicate how creative and intelligent those people are,they will not stick to one pattern no matter how successful it is.
From the sure-footed F12 Berlinetta grand tourer to F12tdf ,how did Ferrari make this transformation?
"First, we screwed up the car." that is how One Ferrari engineer described the whole process.
to make the car predictable ,the brand use of rear-wheel steering was applied , Ferrari calls this package Passo Corto Virtuale.
How F12tdf Ferrari makes you falling in love with it? no matter how you Spin the steering wheel , the rear response will be the same.
in order to give a more acceptable result ,manipulation has been required , Ferrari massaged many things in F12 but there is one component left unchanged and this will be the hydraulically assisted steering system.
To make sure that every thing will work in harmony the Ferrari engineers have performed all of the software calibration,and the car is agile enough to ensure that the F12tdf's front tires will not plow unless you do something that is really stupid.
You must know that the F12tdf will not turn you into a hero and will not induce you to overestimate your self,instead, it requires more skill and more focus but when give respect to this care ,you will have pure fun in driving such a powerful car.
The F12tdf has succeed in achieving weight reduction and thanks to this weight reduction Ferrari can raise the rev limiter to 8900 rpm.
maybe F12tdf is lighter but it remains luxurious car , it is intended to be a car that its owners will drive it to the track, at the track, and back from the track. Even with the dampers set to more compliant mode, it will skim over the humps like a skipped rock.
F12tdf remains a civilized road car and it still fits a radio, air conditioning. , and navigation.
In comparison with ordinary F12 there is total of 243 pounds weight reduction ,and that reduction comes from reducing the glass's amount by tapering the rear window and shrinking the rear-quarter windows ,so no wonder that the transparent section of the car is no larger than a cell Phone., also,Carbon fiber is used widely for the door skins out and inside , and the rear and front fascias.
so much details remain unmentioned but in the end ,the downforce can be increased to more than 500 pounds at 124 mph.!!
Probably,Ferrari took a backward step to start work on the F12tdf, but the driving excitement in the finished product is a long way better than the F12 , and if you still think that F12tdf doesn't drive that small and intelligent ,you must know that $490,000 buys, isn't this more than a compensation?

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