Financial aid at universities: Meritbased scholarships Essay

Financial aid at universities: Meritbased scholarships, 499 words essay example

Essay Topic: financial aid

As stated in Issues for Debate in Sociology, As the cost of higher education rises, grants for needy [or lowincome families] have lagged behind, and more students are dependent on loans to finance their education. It would be a marvelous notion for Congress to have better plans in place that focus strictly on education. By consolidating existing higher education programs into flexible state aid, and targeting funds to students from middle and lowincome families, the administration and Congress can slow growth in tuition. By doing this, it helps reduce student loan debt and speed the time it takes to earn a degree.

Due to a weak economy there has been a prevalent amount of needbased aid in smaller colleges. All too often, we in higher education, when we ponder needbased financial aid and access to college for the disadvantaged, frequently fail to associate college with the education that comes before it. But because our society does not like government programs that offer assistance without demanding something in profit, meritbased aid has become more administratively widespread. If the government passed a law or bill to help these lowincome families pay for their higher education this would not be as much as issue.

Meritbased grants or scholarships contain scholarships presented using the college or university and those bestowed by separate organizations. Meritbased scholarships exist usually to be granted for exceptional academic accomplishments and maximum SAT or ACT scores, even though some merit scholarships and grants can be presented for exceptional talents, guidance potential and additional delicate characteristics. Scholarships might be given for group association. Merit grants are occasionally awarded without respect for the financial requirement of the applicant. Many colleges and universities allow all admitted pupils are automatically to be considered for merit scholarships. At other establishments, an unconnected application process is required. Scholarships do not need to be reimbursed as long as all necessities are encountered. Athletic scholarships are a system of merit aid, which takes athletic ability into justification.

Lowincome students are discovering it is tougher to pay for their education, with the annual increasing cost of tuition, and fees among colleges across the country. Schools have amplified meritbased grants, for students with exceptional academic position, participation in organizations, or extraordinary athlete talent, in an effort to aid students to see the extraordinary values of colleges. While the recurring issue is that these aspects take away from giving these scholarships to lowincome pupils who have not met the requirements for these grants. Meritbased scholarships are purging from the federal aid already accessible for lowincome students who are not able to pay for college. In the past few years, the federal government has voted for a bill that enhanced the worth of grants for lowincome students and took aids away for private education lenders. Universities have started to reflect students financial requirements as well as their academic positions when applying for financial aid. The connection among meritbased aid and needbased aid has been associated together to help with the process

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