Head to Head Video Players' Battery Life Challenge Essay

Head to Head Video Players' Battery Life Challenge, 476 words essay example

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Head to Head Video Players' Battery Life Challenge
With the recent electricity tariff hike and incessant power outage in the country, you cannot afford to waste stored power e.g. laptop's battery life. If you are a movie journalist/analyst or blogger like me who watches movies and write reviews regularly then this post will help you crank up some battery power. All you need is a special video player that save conserve battery life.
There are a lot of video players today ranging from the free ones to paid players. Also there are series of posts about them in terms of their performance, quality and so on. In terms of battery life, computer video players differ as was revealed in a study conducted and published by Gordon Mah Ung.
The following media players were tested - VLC, MediaPlayer Classic HC, KMPlayer, PotPlayer, QuickTime 7 and Windows 10's built-in Movies & TV player. The winner will shock you, read on!
The test was conducted using a Toshiba Radius 12 with a Windows 10 OS before the THS patch was released.
Movie Condition
Movie used Tears of Steel video (open-source)
Bit Rate 74.4Mbps
Format .MOV file
Size 6GB UltraHD 4K
Resolution 3840x1714,
Encode H.264 using the high 5.1 profile
Laptop Condition
Brightness 260 nits
Audio On
Earphone Samsung earbuds
Power Setting Default
The Results
1. QuickTime 7 was dropped from the test due to its terrible performance, it was'disqualified!'
2. VLC most popular video player ever but came short on the power conservation stratum. It performed woefully in battery life conservation.
3. PotPlayer is not very popular but can play different files just like VLC. It has different features including 3D glasses support, screen capture recorder, polished UI with overwhelming options and so on. At the end it came out a little better than VLC.
4. Media Player Classic HC came out more efficient than VLC though powerful, flexible and tweakable like VLC and PotPlayers. Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a show off for 'techies and cool dudes.'
5. Microsoft Movies & TV And the winner is the Window's Microsoft Movies & TV! This video player edged out all others in a massive landslide victory in terms of battery life. It uses battery life at a minima rate above the rest of the pack. It may look boring but very efficient. The chart below tells the rest of the story, figures don't lie.
Comparatively, if you play a full movie on VLC player that your battery last for two hours, you will be shocked that Microsoft's Movie & TV player will last more than five hours! Also the experiment revealed that you cannot make up for the battery life by turning down the brightness of the screen - there is only a slight different between a brightness of 100 nits and 260 nits. As shown in the diagram below
Microsoft's Movies & TV though boring but in terms of battery conservation it is the best video player you can ever.

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