High-density polyethylene: main advantages Essay

High-density polyethylene: main advantages, 490 words essay example

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The forcible nature of was the composite material at 37C was examined carefully with the help of a tool named Falling weight impact testing machine .Due to the increase in the weight of HDPE it was recognized that the fracture toughness increased ,when HDPE emits high molecular weight it can withstand more plastic distorting break because of its impacted energy , by increasing its nature of impact. By differentiating the total sum of HA present in the composite material we can accurately observe the mechanical properties.
It states that by separating HA from HDPE we can see various changes in the properties , such as only if the volume of HA increases we can observe that there is a change of increase in the Young's modulus, shear modulus and tensile strength with the decrease in the strain. There where only restricted amount of concepts where focused in improving the tensile strength and gained ductility with slight decrease in the Young's modulus. Due to the the presence of polyethylene series in the composite materials because of the linear molecular shape of the material. The concept of hydrostatic extrusion is one of the tremendous method which improves the physical and mechanical properties of the polymer, this method was again used on arranging the polyethylene chains that were used in HDPE composite materials because of its linear molecular shape and properties, The high ratio of extrusion helps in increasing the modulus and strength of the composite materials which are around the limits and properties of the bone , in the same way the fracture strain of HDPE was was increased in a series by the increase in hydrostatic extrusion. The HDPE composite has volume of 40 % of HA which results to strain fracture greater than human bone, because of the hydrostatic extrusion the HDPE composite has a great potential for withstanding the load.
Advantages of HDPE -
HDPE has various advantages in the medical field at the early 1980s by using this composite materials there were some parts called sub -periosteal orbital were made to fix it up with the bone . Even though they were many materials which had best properties which was applicable to be utilized in bone replacement and tissue replacement in the medical field as it is a bioactive composite . Once the bone has been replaced with this material in the human body it strength and stiffness gradually decreases comparative to the clinical time period .
It's a know fact that bone starts healing automatically by its own but this material once fixed to the bone the implantation gives strength back to the bine and gains stiffness and strength .
Even though in human beings there are many such tissues which are composite materials,
HDPE is low of cost compared to other composites used in medical field, its impact resistance and it does have good chemical resistance. It is used in bone fixation , tendon , and in tissue and surgical tissue adhesives, following were some advantages of HDPE.

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