Hitler and Nazi Party Forming Essay

Hitler and Nazi Party Forming, 478 words essay example

Essay Topic: hitler

Evan K #13 7B
Mrs O'Connor
10 May 2016
The Holocaust
Germany had just lost World War 1. The society was collapsing and they didn't know what to do. Hitler had already tried taking over once and was put to jail. He tried again with help from the Nazi party and managed to do it. He rearranged the government and combined the positions of President and Prime Minister to get "the leader of Germany" or dictator.
Hitler's Early Days
Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889(Adolf Hitler Early Years). As a boy Adolf Hitler grew up in a place where Jews profited from the poverty many people were in. This is were the hate for Jews rose up in Hitler. Adolf Hitler was one of six children, born fourth to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. Just a few months after Hitler was born he was baptised into the Catholic religion. This does not influence him in the future, as he is very violent towards other religions. As he got older, he began to despise Jews even more.
Nazi Party Forming + Taking Over Germany
The Nazi Party's background are in 1919 when veteran Hitler joined a group called the German Workers party. This is where Hitler and his Nazi party started to form. In 1933 The Nazi party took over in Germany. Hitler becomes the prime minister of Germany. The first concentration camp was setup at Dachau. The first 2000 inmates were 200 Communists. In 1934 Hitler combined the positions of President and Prime minister to become "the leader of Germany". During 1933 books with ideas are considered dangerous to the Nazi "beliefs" and in 1934 Jewish papers can't be sold in the streets.
Final Solution + Concentration Camps
The Final Solution became very deadly in 1941. During this time Germany attacked the Soviet Union and Jews throughout western Europe were forced into Ghettos or a place with the by the Jews. Jews also could not leave their homes without permission from the police and they were not permitted to use public telephones during this time. The Final Solution ended when the war ended, or when Germany lost against its enemies. This all happens in 1945 when many survivors were put into person facilities. Concentration camps were places were the Jews were held until they were either going to be shot, or marched. In concentration camps people were usually organized between place or nationality. Concentration camps were usually based on social status.
Hitler's Suicide
Hitler committed suicide in 1945, the year of WWII's (World War 2) end. Hitler commited suicide because he had word from one of his soldiers that Russian troops were 1-2 days away. Rather than fleeing to a home he owned in the Bavarian Alps, he decided to take Cyanide which he tested on his pets just to make sure it worked. After he took cyanide he shot himself with his pistol. His wife, which he had just married a few hours earlier, also committed suicide.

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