How accountants deal with forgery Essay

How accountants deal with forgery, 506 words essay example

Essay Topic: prison, crime, probation, example

Accountants can do all sorts of things, they can keep up with your financial stuff and they can even solve crimes! When most people think about accountants the think about them working in the bank. A lot of them do work at banks, but there are other accountants that dont work at the bank. Some accountants help with finding and convicting people of fraud, forgery, and embezzlement. Im just going to talk about one of those three. I am going to tell you about forgery.
When most people think about forgery they automatically think about signing someone elses name. This is forgery, but it is not the only type of forgery that there is. The real meaning of forgery is the crime of falsely making or altering a writing by which the legal rights or obligations of another person are apparently affected the production of a spurious work that is claimed to be genuine, like a coin, painting, or the like. An example of forgery would be changing or altering a document to steal someones identity.
Accountants can detect signature forgery by looking closely at the signature. Accountants have to know what the persons actual signature looks like so they can know if someone else is trying to forger their signature. You can know if the signature is falsely written by looking closely at the ink blots, shaky lines, and pen lifts. You should also compare the false signature with one of the correct signatures to look at the length and height of the signature, and to see of any off the letters look different or if they misspelled anything.
Accountants also have to check for art forgery. One instance of art forgery was a man named Han Van Meegeren. He sold his own paintings as if they were masterpieces from a wellknown artist named Jan Vermeer. To make his paintings seem more authentic, Meegeren baked his painting to obtain an old look, rolled it up to make It appear as if it were cracked formed over several years, and he even damaged it and restored it. You can detect art forgery two different ways. One way to detect it is by using stylistic analysis, another way to detect art forgery is technical analysis.
Accountants have to help with detecting document forgery. You can often find out if the document is real or fake just by looking at how the document was printed. Not all printers make the printing look the same. For example, if a person used a laser printer or a inkjet printer to print it, you can zoom in on the original and the fake copy and tell if its real or fake. Then after you determine if it is a real or fake document you can accuse the person or let them go.
If you are accused of forgery, you are going to be accused for a felony. The U.S.A. considers forgery a felony. You could go to jail/prison, be put on probation, have to pay fines, or restitution.

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