How can having a concierge service benefit you after retirement Essay

How can having a concierge service benefit you after retirement, 495 words essay example

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After retirement, senior citizens usually require varying levels of assistance or personal care. The need for a helper has made a large majority of senior citizens to relocate to different housing and nursing facilities such as old folks home, condominium, senior's apartment buildings, life lease apartments, supportive housing, retirement residence, long term care facilities and lots more. The need for a help or assistance which has led to the relocation (primarily due to the lack of assistance from their family relations and friends who have busy schedule and may not be able to create time in order to see to the needs of these retired persons) is no longer comparing on the older citizens due to the existence of a unique and new found solution in providing for their needs.

Having a concierge service to carter for your daily needs as a retired citizens is very necessary. This is to prevent the thoughts of rejection, neglect and dejection stemming from your relocation. At some worst case scenarios, this may degenerate to depression if you as a senior citizen never wanted the relocation from their homes and neighborhood.

A Concierge is a professional with an extensive knowledge on how to attend to retired people and caring for their every day need. So, outsourcing for the services of a concierge is highly recommended for retired folks who may not have the strength to accomplish their rigorous routines. There are several services which could be provided by concierge services, these includes

Grocery Shopping A concierge service personnel is highly technical in online and offline services. Therefore, they can easily through the help of internet facilities search for where to get great quality, fresh and best prices groceries in shops and online. So, the need for your groceries supply can easily be provided for through the services of these individuals.

Bill Payment Electronic bill payment maybe a huge challenge for you as a retired citizen, but with the services of a concierge (who is knowledgeable in online, mobile and telephone banking, and who also can provide fast, secured and convenient online payment solutions) you do not have anything to worry about. With their services, your bills are already sorted out.

Errands Concierge services could take care of your errands, they will run your errands so that you can have time for yourself and be able to rest. At your service, these professional could carter for any form or kind of errand, so that you can have time for your family, friends and do things that you like doing such as reading, tourism, recreation and relaxation.

Safety Visits/Calls It is natural that at 65 years of age, staying healthy may become a major challenge and the common mistake of staying home alone without anyone checking up on you might be too detrimental. Nevertheless, outsourcing for the help, services and support of a concierge personnel who is at your call 24/7 

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