How internet benefits modern society? Essay

How internet benefits modern society?, 495 words essay example

Essay Topic: society, internet, modern

I chose this article because the tittle itself makes clear what will be the main point of this essay and it caught my attention. I also caught my eye because I think executions should be implemented in extreme cases.
The point of this essay is whether executions should be recorded or made public later. Zachary explains that some lethal injections can be very painful and therefore the public should be aware of injections that cause unnecessary suffering. In addition, the authors say that people should see executions and see where their money goes.
I agree with the authors at some point, executions should be televised because most of the time we see news or videos of situations but we never look at what is really happening and also if people did something wrong they have to face the punishment. But then I cannot agree, because they do not take into account the point of view of those who are executed or their families. I found the author's arguments and examples good and persuaded my thoughts, also this essay left me thinking about executions and the other things related to it.
Intro Today the Internet is a tool used by most people around the world because almost everyone has access to the Internet at home, work or school. We could say that the internet has become part of our daily lives and many people can become very dependent on the internet since everything is done through internet.
Thesis the internet is the most powerful and beneficial tool in humanity.
Topic sentence #1 The internet is good for education.
- There is a lot of online courses providing flexibility to students.
- It is used as a tool for quick and easy investigation, without having to go to the library.
- Access to the Internet can enhance learning in many people
Topic sentence #2 It provides us with easy ways to do many things from our house.
- Buying things without having to leave home, there are a lot of online stores.
- It gives us the opportunity to experience different cultures or places without having to travel to places
Topic sentence #3 One of the great advantages of the internet is that it makes communication easier.
- Social media, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other apps, offers communication more easily without having to make calls or send letters to our family and friends. Is also of great entertainment and fun.
- It gives us the facility to communicate with people no matter where we are located
Conclusion There is no doubt that the Internet has come into our lives to make improvements to it and will be present day by day for the rest of our lives. Its evolution gave us a huge support that we can take advantage, either to our daily activities or our education. We need to know how to use the Internet properly, because there are many people who are just looking to take advantage of others.

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