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My Career Benefits the Economy!
I major in radio physics in School of Physical Electronics. My main direction of research is the antenna design. So I'll be a antenna design engineer and do something significant to the antenna design. An antenna design engineer not only can have a tremendous positive impact on society, but also benefits the environment. But I consider that the most attractive thing is that my occupation as an antenna designer can have a significant impact on the social economy.
Above all, Phone antenna market is gradually expanding, It means we need more of superior antenna designers to meet the market demand. At the same time, the users' requirements are also rising, which prompts us designing better and more comprehensive antenna to meet customers' demand. Smartphones' antennas quantity and price has been rising, the industry cake of antennas quickly becomes large. Single antenna market space expanded by about 3 times from functional machines to intelligent machines. And domestic antenna market capacity reached 1.475 billion in 2013, an increase of 54.9%[1]. It can be seen that the mobile phone antenna design industry is a huge market and can bring a lot of jobs and other economic value for society.In other words, my career as an antenna design engineer will be a great economic value.
Furthermore, people have to pass a lot of news through the antennas that designed by antenna engineers. The antennas, as one important component, have very important role in the whole process of running a radio communication system during the practical application of radio communication technology[2]. If there is no antenna
engineers' work, the communication and exchange of information around our changing world have become impossible. For example, if commercial messages can not be passed to the appropriate people, they'll miss a lot of useful information. Business is war! If you can not quickly understand the changes in the market, how can you be invincible in the fierce business competition? In this regard, we find that the antenna design engineers are largely beneficial to the economy.
At last, Engineers who are intellectuals and all have received a good education. We can take advantage of the scientific and knowledge that we have learned to do more in favor of social economy. As engineers, we can be beneficial to social economy not only in engineering, but also can we do some meaningful things in many other aspects of the social economy. For example, we can help more people to learn technology and help them be able to contribute to the economic development of society. In addition, we can make use of the available technology to design more energy-efficient daily necessities. It is an integral part of economic development assistance.
In summary, we can draw a conclusion that antenna design engineers have a great positive impact on different aspects of the economy. If there are no antenna engineers' hard work, our daily lives will be a great inconvenience.
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