How To Monitor Your Home/Office From Your Mobile Devices? Essay

How To Monitor Your Home/Office From Your Mobile Devices?, 497 words essay example

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How To Monitor Your Home/Office From Your Mobile Devices
Do you still remember the evil maid that beats the living day light out of a toddler in Uganda? Now if not for the camera set up in the house by the toddler's father the maid will never be busted in that evil act. Have you ever been bothered about what happens in your home or office in your absence? Do you want to keep a third eye on your home or office when you are gone? If yes, then this post is for you.
Setting up a CCTV camera in your home can be expensive to say the least, however in this technological age you can do that at little or no cost at all. To achieve this feat you will need
Your mobile phone or mobile device This will serve as the monitoring device from which you watch all that happens in your office or home remotely. You have to download and install the necessary Mobile Security App first.
IP Camera or Webcam an IP Camera is very good for this operation and it is easy to set up. An IP Camera is a digital video camera that sends data through the Internet Protocol. It is very usefulness in that it can record in the dark i.e. for night visions. You will require an IP camera app to set this up which is a piece of cake for anyone. Webcams too can be useful for this purpose, but they are completely useless at nights and in dark places, hence the importance of IP Cameras.
How set up your own CCTV System
1. Set Up your camera/old phone Install or mount the IP cameras or webcams in strategic locations within your house or office. You can mount as many cameras as possible. You can also use an old mobile device, since it has a camera, Wi-Fi connectivity and a processor inside.
2. Download the App into your monitoring device There are quite a number of Apps for this purpose, all you need is to download the one that best suited you which to a large extend depends on your mobile device. Note that the App must be installed on the device that is always with you so that you can monitor your house or office anywhere you are. Most of the Apps come with motion detectors that start recording once movement is sensed. Here are few examples  AtHome Camera, Foscam Surveillance Pro, iCamViewer, Motion Detector Pro, M-Surveillance Free and much more just Google to see! However, it will interest you to note that one thing about these Apps is that they are all easy to use and set up. Just follow the instructions and you are good.
3. Watch-Out Once the recording starts the app will send videos to your mobile phone so that you can stream them live. Note, in case you detect a burglar in your home, please alert the police immediately. I wish you all the.

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