How will my career benefit the economy? Essay

How will my career benefit the economy?, 505 words essay example

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How will my career benefit the economy?
Wang Xiao Xue 201521060421
Well, talking about how my career benefits the economy. I have to introduce my career first. I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering School. So my career is definitely related to computer. As we all know, innovation plays an vital important in the development of a country. Information technology has been the greatest innovation half century in the world which has an indelible impact on economy. Nowadays the intelligent terminalmobile devices are more and more popular, the consumption for information service is motivated. The world software market's average growth is 13% every year which is much greater than the world economy average growth[1]. Since the Information Technology Industry has been one of the most powerful engine which accelerate the growth of economy, I summarize the contribution my career make in two ways. Firstly, my career will benefit the economy in a direct way. We can make app the computer game software calculating software and so on. Then we sell it to the company or directly to users and make money. That is how we will benefit the economy very directly. Secondly we can benefit the economy in an indirect way. I would like to give a very classic example----ATM. In the past people took money with them wherever they went. When there were banks, people could save their money in the banks and got the money out when they needed it. But it was not that convenient----banks needed a lot employee who repeated the same operation over and over and customers had to wait when there were a lot of people or the bank was off work. ATM changes a lot. Wholly a lot of people do not have to wait and could get their money whenever they want. ATM could save much time and time creates money. People could make use of the time to do much more work and contribute to the economy. In the future, we can make the machine like ATM more intelligent and provide more services to customers. So that people could exert their potential to make more contribution to the economy. In all, my career is quite important to the economy both in direct way and indirect way.
In the future, information technology industry will still lead the world economy growth. You might not understand what the words mean but you must hear them----cloud computinginternet of thingsbig datamachine learning.all of these will get deeper research and applications will be full of all kinds areas. You will find out that you can not live without computers and your life will totally benefit from computers no matter you realize it or not. People's life will be much more convenient and they can make full use of the advantages of computers to work efficiently. That is who we are and what we do, we can help to make the world work better and contribute to the economy a lot.
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