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I Believe Speech
When going on a road trip, most people imagine a well thought out plan full of set activities and places to stop. Maybe there's even an itinerary that tells you what will be happening every minute of every day. A website even confirmed that "90 million Americans use an online trip planner for vacations." (Road Loans). But that is exactly the opposite of what I imagine for the perfect road trip. Going where the road leads you is the ideal plan if any. Unplanned adventures are the best adventures. That is why I believe in driving without a destination.
When I found myself approaching a long weekend with nothing to do, I decided to go out on an adventure that I would never forget. It all started with a simple ride to breakfast. As a start to the weekend, a couple of friends and I had all gathered in blueberry hill. We hung out for quite awhile there and finally got to talking about what we should do after we eat, when the best idea ever came up, a road trip. Completely unprepared but super intrigued by the thought, we went through with it. There was no better way to spend that day.
Before heading out onto the open road, we made three stops. First, everyone went to their house and grabbed everything they could think of that would be necessary for this road trip. Next, a grocery store, where we grabbed a case of bottled water and so many snacks it almost filled the trunk of the car. Finally, the gas station. Everyone chipping in as much as they could so we wouldn't have to worry about running out en route. After the car was tanked up, we were on our way. To where? No clue. We just drove. That was my absolute favorite part of the trip. Even though we made plenty of stops to some pretty cool local attractions, the best part for me was the drive. At the time I couldn't sit behind the steering wheel and physically drive the car, so I was just a passenger in the car, but even then, it was nice. Being able to roam through the roads with no place in particular to go to, allowed me to sit there and unwind. Having my friends with me the whole time made the experience just that much better.
The drive made me feel like I could go anywhere I wanted, it made me feel free. And that is exactly why I believe in driving without a destination. To get this great feeling of euphoria. There is nothing like the feeling you get by driving, or getting driven, to absolutely nowhere. You go wherever you think is most fascinating, wherever your body and mind takes you. Go with the flow. And that is how me and my friends ended up spending the night near St.Louis, Missouri, just a couple of kids, going with the flow.

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