Implementing Smart Manufacturing Technology for Innovation: Short Speech Essay

Implementing Smart Manufacturing Technology for Innovation: Short Speech, 498 words essay example

Essay Topic: speech, manufacturing, technology, innovation

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. (Here onwards, I will have a translator take over as I speak. I have met the translator a few days before the delivery and have given him a copy of my speech draft. I have even clarified about certain words and phrases that the translator had questions on so that this big day is naturally excellent). I am very glad to be here today to talk to you all. Before we get started, I would also like to apologize to not have kept an introductory meeting when I had joined 6 months ago. I have had a long association with Appliance Unlimited way before taking up the post of President of this company. It feels amazing to be here and lead this plant in Mexico. Earlier I was working as an Operations Manager of the local subsidiary of Appliances Unlimited in Taiwan. Let me congratulate each one of you for the efforts that you've put in to make this plant reach its success. Moreover, I really admire the way you work collectively as a part of one family, where individuals have a responsibility to the group that supersedes individual needs or rights. I am aware that this plant is valued by each one of you and the society. This has been a second home for most of you because of the long association with the plant. Moreover, you all know that Appliances Unlimited is very employee friendly and is known for its excellent pay and benefits than any other production units in Mexico. Having said that, we all know that there have been some ups and downs in our plant. I have made a list of concerns and inhibitions that are coming in our way to take this plant to greater heights. I sincerely apologize for our lack of communication on the introduction of the new technology. I understand that due to the absence of information on time, regarding the implementation of the new technology has left you all feel agitated and at anxious. We should have thought about the consequences before taking this route on introducing it to you. As you know, we are standing in the cross roads of a major innovation. Change means moving forward in linear time toward even more desirable achievements. With the changing time and new technology, we are able to do the same thing in a much faster and efficient way than we were able to do in the past. And I assure you that in this competitive world, if we do not implement it soon enough, our competitors will do it. I am certain that by implementing this technology, we as a team will gain advantage from it. It will only lead to reduced overheads better quality outputs and improved working competences. Don't worry about your educational background, about your language skills, your age, or your awareness of the current technology. We dislike the technology only when we know nothing about it and we fear uncertainty.

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