Is Abraham Lincoln the greatest president or not? Essay

Is Abraham Lincoln the greatest president or not?, 499 words essay example

Essay Topic: abraham lincoln, president

Abraham Lincoln as America's greatest president was brought up in the history's Taking Sides Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in America's History textbook, where two authors argued whether he was the greatest president or not the greatest president in American History. One author agrees that he was the greatest because he succeeded in preserving the Union and Freeing the Slaves and another one argues that he was not the greatest president because he marked a serious departure from the Republican goals of the Founding Fathers. There have been many presidents in the united states that have been great presidents and rulers. Since American has won its Independence from Great Britain there have been presidents ruling the continent. From the very first president, George Washington to the present president Barack Obama there have been numerous presidents that have helped the country as well as hurts the country. Some presidents were loved while others were hated. Whether a president was hated or loved, the main point was they were the main decision maker in our country. The United States Presidents have to make tough, demanding decisions, that not only pertain to the country's welfare but to the citizens of this country. President Abraham Lincoln has been a famous president where people loved him and hated him. President Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States and even today is recognized as one of America's greatest Presidents. When he was elected in 1861 no one could have predicted how successful and great a president he would become. Some people believe even today that president Lincoln was one if not the only great president in America's history, whereas others believe he was not the greatest that he caused the nation a lot of heartaches and ripped the country apart. I agree that President Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents in America's history. Even though individuals can respond differently to whether Abraham Lincoln was America's greatest president or not, history has shown a change for the better since he was inaugurated as the sixteen president.
Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 into poverty. While growing up, he had to work constantly to support his family and he had numerous jobs while growing up. Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer and legislator by teaching himself about the laws. He worked as a lawyer for few years and worked with all kinds of clients. The way he was at being a lawyer, it earned him the nickname Honest Abe. At an early age, he became involved in local politics. Lincoln always opposed the spread of slavery to the territories and wanted to expand the United States, focusing on the different cities instead of agriculture. This focus did not set well with most southerners as agriculture was their main way of living and they took care of those crops with the sweat of slavery. Lincoln shocked many when he was elected into the presidency. It was about a month after his inauguration when the Civil War began.

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