It’s Fun and Easy to Explore Savannah Essay

It’s Fun and Easy to Explore Savannah, 496 words essay example

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It's Fun and Easy to Explore Savannah
Given that Savannah's Historic District is one of the most walkable downtowns in America, lots of folks instinctively stroll to and fro enjoying the abundance of things to see and do. But, keep in mind that if on any given day you're not inclined to slip on your walking shoes and go exploring on foot, you can choose among several other ways to get around  and add to your fun at the same time!
Take a Pedicab. You can flag down a bike taxi as one passes by or call if you need a pick-up. Go for a quick trip from point A to point B, or chill out and take in the sights as your driver pedals you all around downtown. It's an eco-friendly way to be chauffeured, and a fun way to rest your feet.
Cruise on a Scooter. If you prefer a little zip in your ride, a Vespa might be just the ticket. These timeless two-wheelers  that you can park like a bike are a way to cruise about in European style. Rentals are available by the hour, day or week and just waiting for you to hop on and buzz about catching the coastal breezes.
Pedal a "Party Bike." Up for lending a little pedal power? Get with a group of your pals or join others on a mix-and-match ride aboard a 15-passenger bike that's a rolling party. From pub crawls to ghost crawls, the ride is anything if not entertaining. You can even bring your own munchies and beverage of choice.
Hop a Boat. If your excursion includes going to/from Hutchinson Island and downtown, why not take the ferry. The ferry rides are free and the views of the scenic riverfront, the Historic District, and the iconic Talmadge Bridge that gracefully spans the Savannah River are, as they say, priceless.
Glide on a Segway. A novel way to get around and about whether you're new to Savannah or a longtime local is to do a Segway outing. It's kind of like having your very own magic carpet that lets you glide into the past and coast back into the present. And, it's "green" transportation too.
Catch a Carriage Ride. And, needless to say, with Savannah being the Southern Belle she is, horse-drawn carriages await. And no matter how many times you've seen her charming streets and oak-draped squares, there's something special about soaking it all in on a slow, steady ride in a conveyance from a gentler time.
The simple truth is, it's fun and easy to get around Savannah and in doing so, it's very easy to see why our city is a top-ranked place to live, work and play. At Live Love Savannah, we know without a doubt that there is no place we would rather be, and as local real estate experts who live the Savannah experience we are here to connect you with the Savannah home of your dreams.

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