Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs related to modern organizations Essay

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs related to modern organizations, 495 words essay example

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Hannah Taylor
Mrs. Pertilla
Intro to Business
6 July 2016
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs related to Organizations Today
As you walk into your job everyday or an organization, you do not stop to think of why people behave in such manners or if there is a theory to support it. You just believe that it is normal behavior of colleagues because it is what we are used to. A social psychologist, Abraham Maslow, dug a little deeper and began studying human psychological needs. He developed a theory known as the Hierarchy of Needs.
This theory says humans are motivated to satisfy five basic needs. The five basic needs are set up in a hierarchy. It is said humans try to first satisfy the lowest levels of needs and then each higher level until all are met. It is a good motivation tool for managers to comprehend. It will help managers to understand their employees needs better, as well as motivation. This will lead to job satisfaction for employees and develop high productivity.
The bottom of the pyramid starts with the basic needs of human beings which include breathing, food, water, sleep, sex, etc. Safety is the next level in the pyramid. This deals with security of body, employment, family, and health. Also, the second level meets the desire for order and stability. These first 2 levels are what is needed for the survival of humans and takes care of our basic needs. Once those needs are meet we tend to accomplish more. The third level is classified as love and belonging. Once the physical levels have been meet people are ready to take on the psychological needs like sharing themselves with others. The fourth level is the esteem level. People need to feel competent and recognized. This is done through level of success and status. It also includes achievement, respect for others, and confidence. Lastly, the top of the pyramid is self actualization. Individuals become happy with themselves because they have accomplished their full potential.
The Hierarchy of Needs relates to organizational theory because it helps determine the motivation of workers. There are people who go to work just because they are looking for a paycheck, but then you have people who actually go to work because they enjoy their friends at work or appreciate being recognized for the hard work they do. When comparing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to organizations or the workforce, it is concluded that if the lower levels are not met, the higher ones are usually not met either or disregarded. When needs are not met, employees can become frustrated. However, when a need is met the person is no longer motivated by that need, so now the next needs in the pyramid will be what are important to the person. It is important for managers to pay close attention to the needs of their employees. They should always listen to what their employees tell them and try very hard to fulfill the needs of their workers.

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