Music, Life, and Music Saving a Life Essay

Music, Life, and Music Saving a Life, 522 words essay example

Essay Topic: music, life

Music, Life, and Music Saving a Life.

Can music save someone's life? A controversial subject with debatable arguments and little factual answers. Whether it's physical, mental, or emotional damage music can help a person through he or she's situation and provide comfort. It's a healthy emotional outlet that diverts the attention to something new. Music relieves stress and brings a sense of belonging but that's it. Saving a person's life is a different question with a shocking answer that surprises many teens. Music cannot save someone's life but can create a sense of not being alone and give fan's of the musician a purpose.

Music is simply an influence not a savior. Musicians give speeches and write meaningful lyrics to help he or she's problems but the person themselves are the ones who stopped cutting, smoking, snorting crack, or drinking their life away. The music aided them to get through he or she's struggles but their willpower was the true savior, in the end he or she saved themselves. Some may argue that music was there for he or she when no one else was and inspired them to get better. Yes that is true but music didn't physically save anyone, it simply gave he or she motivation and inspiration to recover. Music is not a person it physically, mentally, and psychologically cannot save anyone's life it can only assist people in their dilemma's. That doesn't necessarily mean that music cannot change someone's life or how they view certain things. Music may change how a person see's a problem and change he or she's perspective on the outcome giving them hope for a better future. The lyrics to a song may alter how the individual thinks about a particular predicament giving them a positive vibe and changing their mood on the crisis.

Music definitely has power over the human body and the entity's emotions. From the day we are born we were taught new concepts through song. The ABC's, 123's, we even know that Mary had a little lamb that followed her everywhere. But why is music so important? Not only does it teach listening skills and provide a way to express the soul but it was used as an escape during The Great Depression. Much like now days "listening to the radio (or any music device) could not solve these problems(referring to the problems due to the Great Depression), but they could ease them" Morris Dickstein, How Song, Dance and Movies Bailed Us Out of the Depression. If music is so important and powerful then why can't it save a life? Music is able to express the unspeakable. In the perfect moment music can balance the right amount sorrow and sentiment that explains a personal trauma to where it feels like it's saving he or she's life. Music can be loosely interpreted there is no right or wrong, what the composer had in mind may be completely different than what a 15 year old girl was thinking.

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