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Ever since I was a child, my mother always put a huge importance on what it meant by taking care of people, whether that would be my family, friends, or those in need of help. At a young age, I never really understood why realization that I find most satisfaction in my life when I am able to help those in need of help.
There are many health professions in the world to choose from but why occupational therapy? I believe that everyone deserves the best quality of life and being able to complete even the simplest everyday tasks, such as walking, is part of having that quality of life. It is easy for us to take these tasks for granted as we don't have to think twice about it. However, that might not be the case for all of us. I want the opportunity to make a difference by helping people gain independence to do simple tasks that can better their lives. Not only that, I love the one on one interaction with the patients. As an occupational therapist, not only will I be able to build a strong relationship with the patients, I will also have the opportunity to have a positive impact on one's life
My undergraduate studies have allowed me to manage my time studying at a higher education level as well as completing high quality work to deadlines. Psychology studies have taught me to look beyond why certain individuals are the way they are through researching past studies by looking at well-established principles of our mind and behavior. Kinesiology studies have taught me the basis of many health care professions such as physical therapy, athletic trainer, and occupational therapy. The course such as human anatomy and physiology taught me so much about the human body in depth. Courses such as injury management have taught me the principles of injury to human body and the principles of how to treat the injury and look at studies from the past to see if the treatments do actually benefit the body. I hope to further my education on the studies of human body and expand the knowledge into specifically to the fields of occupational therapy.
My interest in occupational therapy was sparked after the opportunity I had shadowing an occupational therapist at Athletico. The OT was specialized in treating upper extremities and was also a hand therapist. The OT worked a lot with post-surgery adult population who suffered hand injuries. I was able to assist the OT hands-on during my time at Athletico which helped me gain a valuable insight on the injuries and treatments.
After my time at Athletico, I was fortunate enough to go through an internship program offered during my undergraduate studies. Through the internship program, I got the opportunity to work with pediatric population at Eyas Landing Pediatric Therapy.

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