Neocolonialism in Africa Essay

Neocolonialism in Africa, 494 words essay example

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Neocolonialism is the geopolitical exercise of using private enterprise, business globalization, and intellectual imperialism to influence any country, in lieu of any direct military control or not direct supporting control. Neocolonialism appeared within the postcolonial age. This is moreover known like the use of economic or political force by powerful countries towards control or pressure over other countries. Here, the previous colonial countries promote exploited the former colonies by their supporting and economic power. In the colonial age, the power rulers did not build up the dominated party. Therefore, still after the independence, the previous colonies had to depend on stronger countries intended for their needs. Most societal scientists believed that after attainment independence, the colonies will expand themselves, in terms of political and economic powers. Though, that did not happen. The reason was clear. For instance, many colonies were agrarian whose major exports were undeveloped and farming products. The stronger nations compensated fewer amounts intended for these imports plus in turn they exported electronic product that was expensive. The colonies did not contain enough capital as well as resources to create these things in their possess countries furthermore they were unable to industrialize their economy. Therefore, they became needier and this is called as the practice of Neocolonialism.

In the 60s, when the bulk of African countries achieved selfgovernment, the continents future seemed wealthy in the long term. The newly selfgoverning countries disposed in excess of huge reserves of all type of raw resources, favourable usual and geographical circumstances and a population looking overconfident to finally be its own master. Though, despite all efforts, 50 years later on the continents circumstances is not considerably better and the Western growth aid failed to attain positive results on a large scale (Nkrumah, 1968).

In spite of its frequent use in excess of the past fifty years, there is no universal definition or a clearly particular origin of the idea of neocolonialism. Some authors characteristic its coinage to JeanPaul Sartre, a most important figure in the francophone anticolonial protester circles, who initially used it in 1956 in his writings (Sartre, 2006) Others see its beginning in Leninism, where it was used to explain a new form of power applied after the colonial era in independent states (Crozier, 1964).

Impact of neo colonialism in Africa

UK wanted to colonize, Portugal, Belgium, Africa, Germany, Ital, Spain, Britain and France used Africa for their own gain. They did this since of Africas vast raw resources, which they could assemble more professionally and quicker. The impact that Europe has taken place the Colonialism of Africa was that they shattered land, forced its people to work for contemptible labor, and Africa misplaced most of its ordinary resources to other countries. This caused a unenthusiastic effect of the ecological environment that took a lengthy period to recover from. Since global investors owned nearly all of the land for trade, the Africans had fewer. This completed exhausted all of their ordinary resources, which left them with not anything.

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