Nursing is the Profession Essay

Nursing is the Profession, 499 words essay example

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The selection of a specific profession is a challenging and lengthy process for many. Typically, we seek guidance to relieve some of our frustrations and, it is often suggested choosing a career based on two items things that we excel in and, things that we enjoy. Essentially, following these suggestions constructs the guidelines which stimulate passion and success within a career. Naturally, as a child, I found myself brainstorming these two components. Eventually, finding an attraction to teaching. However, instead of exploring an interest in teaching a particular school subject, at the age of nine, I would explore ways to assist and comfort my grandmother after a massive stroke. As a child, my conception of hospital personnel did not extend beyond a doctor. Therefore, the concept of nursing as a profession would be nonexistent during those years. Nevertheless, the eagerness to provide attentive care would constantly remain prevalent throughout my life.
With a family history of several severe health conditions, this would soon become evident. Years later, mybecome diagnosed with uterine cancer resulting in various forms of treatment. During this process, we received support and compassion from several nurses while moving through the different specialties of emergency, radiology, anesthesia, oncology and eventually, the operating room.
After witnessing each nurse's dedication and an assortment of skills, I was convinced of such a selfless career. Likewise, I wanted to provide care where empathy and knowledge were evident. As I followed the instructed steps for my 's recovery, which consisted of wound dressing and cleaning, caring for drains and administering medications, I experienced a sense of completeness. It was apparent this role exposed my devotion to helping not only my but also, other families overcome emotional and physical distress.
Although my attention drifted towards caregiving, I never lost interest with the elements of education and teaching. As a result of advocating my cancer battle and life experiences concentrated on caring for others, I would acquire a new motivation. Nursing integrates teaching with caregiving, essentially allowing me to become beneficial to others while promoting natural abilities. Subsequently, my quest for knowledge became aimed towards the promotion of healthcare through scientific concepts and the theories of nursing.
Acquiring a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Mercer University will equip me with the necessary skills for not only effective treatment but also, professional, personal and spiritual growth. Essentially, promoting holistic development throughout the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing program.
Once equipped with my Mercer BSN, I will fulfill my quest for knowledge by advancing in the field of nursing. My passion for nursing will extend beyond administrative responsibilities, direct patient care and become paired with my inclination towards teaching. Confidently, I will pass on my acquired skills from the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, contributing to an increase in the number of qualified nursing professors to not only engage but also, inspire future students.
Entering the field of nursing provides the opportunity, not only to establish a career but also, exhibit dedication, support, and strength

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