Our World into Models Essay

Our World into Models, 496 words essay example

Essay Topic: solar system, process, example, project

A model is a simplified representation of some aspect of the world. In what ways may models help or hinder the search for knowledge?
Models in mathematicians, natural scientists and human scientists help us to
simplify complex theories. In different areas of knowledge we use, apply different kind types of models. A model can be simple image or video how does the object looks like in general, for example the model of Earth or atom, or it can be a complicated mathematical or physical equation. Simplified representation of some aspect of the world suggests that ideas from different areas of knowledge
can be made into models. Within these areas, different models can help or hinder the search for knowledge in different ways.
To understand how a model may help or hinder the search for knowledge, one can look the example of Model of the Solar System  a three dimensional model of the planets in our Solar System. It provides me sufficient knowledge of how the Solar System looks, how the planets are placed in what order, the size of them with respect to each other etc. So it is safe to say that models provide visual representation of something, it allow visualization. For most of the people sensory perception is the best and effective way of knowing. Most of the models of Solar System have the names of planets on it and names of satellites, also planets are represented in different colors, close to that, they are in real space, which help in identification. But when I start to get deeper into the understanding of the model, I realize in how many different ways this model has hindered my search for knowledge. During the process of getting knowledge from the model, more and more questions raised in my head - "Why all the planets revolve around the sun?", "How are the planets held up?", "What kind of rings are around Starurn?" To me, the limitations of this model of Solar System outweigh the actual knowledge it actually gives us. The model rises more questions than can give answers. Granted that, most of the questions that came in my head, can be answered when with further reading and research, but the model of the Solar System by itself does not tell me completely what the Solar System is like.
Blueprints and three-dimensional models help architects and scientists to imagine an ideal project before it completion. Creating and analyzing the model of an object, architectural model requires the use of reason. In this case need to to apply scientific knowledge from math and physics, as mathematical formulas and physical rules need to be considered. However, reason indicates that larger model might not be always as idyllic as a smaller model. In addition, some physical rules can be applied to the model too, as you can test there are some phenomena that work despite the sizes of the objects. But, in most cases models are formed in such way that the

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