Positive influence of stop wearing a bra Essay

Positive influence of stop wearing a bra, 488 words essay example

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8 positive things will happen if you stop wearing a bra
We women have a turbulent relationship with wearing bras. They are elegant, beautiful symbols of femininity that we hate to wear. They give us need special support and keep our breast raised. But how they are really useful?
You may be surprised to hear that many of the advantages of bras are a little exaggerated. Although of course depends on the type of body and level of comfort, there are many situations in which bra is completely unnecessary.
In fact, there are great benefits if you stop wearing a bra, and these are some of them
1. You will become more comfortable
There is an indescribable beauty in removing the bra at the end of the day, and the pleasure is doubled if the bra is too tight, it makes you itch or there is something else to it that bothers you. Now, imagine such a feeling of comfort and freedom that you have every day, all day.
2. You can save money
Even on sale, quality bra is not cheap. But often the process of finding the perfect bra in the right size exhaust you so much that in the end you did not even look at the price. Why not save money and time and do not buy anyhing you really don't want and need?
3. The breast will not sag
Many women and girls think they have to wear a bra, because the breasts begin to sag and lose their shape. The truth is that bras actually have the opposite effect - through time breasts lose their shape. This is because of the support of the bra, breast muscles weakens making breasts sagging.
4. It will improve the shape of the breast
You do not always have to not wear a bra, but if you create a habit that you better not wear a bra, you will improve the shape of breasts. If you want your breasts to look fill, rounder and be lifted then if you are not wearing a bra for some time, after a while you will see results.
5. It will improve circulation
You never thought that wearing a bra is associated with problems with the cardiovascular system, but wouldn't be surprised of his influence. Consider What is your bra if not overwhelming rubber rope pressing your chest? And all this tension and pressing may slow circulation so that compresses your major blood vessels.
6. Can increase the size of your breast
Many of us women reaching for bras with "push up" effect when we want our breasts to look lavishly - it seemed like the easiest way to create neckline and illusion of larger breasts. And actually the best way to increase breast is not wearing a bra.
It is because if you leave your breast to hang naturally, then you naturally make the pectoral muscles work and oppose gravity. Although breasts will not grow up, tighten muscles will make them look fuller.

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