Process of digestion and mobile applications connected with it. Essay

Process of digestion and mobile applications connected with it., 484 words essay example

Essay Topic: process, digestion

In the human body, there are a lot of processes carried out to maintain our body health and life. One of them is digestion and the main function of this process is to break down the food particles and help the body to absorb nutrients. During the process of digestion, many organs are involved in the digestive process. For example, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.
Nowadays, most of the application that about digestion is drag and drop game play. The users are requested to put the correct digestive organ in right place. This type of game is often used as learning tool. Beside of this type, there also have shooter type and survival type. The user needs to arrange the organ to break down the food particles during the flow of food.
In this project, a mobile application "Digestion Trip" is being proposed. It is about the flow and detail of the digestion process.
The existed of mobile games about digestive process mostly are drag and drop game and shooter game. The examples of mobile game about digestive process are "Digestix" and "Educational Games for Kids 5". Most of the applications existed do not have extra information to further explain the digestive process and how it carry out. Some of them do not have the correct action based on the fact.
In this application, it will have 3 levels which represent the three different stages of digestive process with different gameplay.
Objectives of this project are
1. To design a 2D game application with 2D side-scrolling techique,
2. To develop game application "Digestion Trip" using animation 2D on android platform and
3. To carry out alpha and beta testing on 2D mobile game on target users.
During the process of developing this application, the software will be used are Adobe Flash Professional CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator, and Unity. The target users of this application will be set at 13-15 years old of children.
In this proposed application, there will have 3 levels. Level 1 is "Stomach", level 2 is "Small Intestine", and level 3 is "Large Intestine".
At the end of this project, a 2D interactive multimedia application will be successfully developed. This application can function smoothly without error. The users can also using this application to become an alternative to deliver information.
In the level 1, users will be required to the food particle in the gastric juice. For the level 2, the users will be required to slicing the food particle to make it smaller and absorb by small intestine. While in the level 3, users will be required to shooting the food particles to extract the water and the mineral from the balance food particles. There will also have animation video to show the start and the end of the digestive process. In each level, simple information about that level of digestive process will be provided. Information about these three processes will be provided in each level.

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