Role of ICT in communication Essay

Role of ICT in communication, 499 words essay example

Essay Topic: communication

With the rapid and continuing changes in the ways that people share, use, develop and communicate the use of different ICTs play an important role in the field of communication. Being ICT literate would be a great help in using digital technology and communication tools to create, manage, evaluate and access information in order to function and communicate in a knowledge society. This study would be of great help for communication studies for it shows the different perceptions of communication students on ICT literacy an integral part of communication studies to provide solutions on problems that affect some areas of communication. Specifically, this will be also significant to the following groups
To Commission on Higher Education (CHED) The study together with the data that will be gathered by the researchers would be a great help to the education sectors of the government, particularly CHED in analyzing how ICT could help the communication students in studying their chosen field. With this, they could identify ways on how to improve current policies about the use of different Information and Communications Technologies in the educational system of communication students. Also, the study would help them to know how they can improve strategies for the integration of ICT learning in the field and curriculum of communication studies.
To the College of Communication The study would help assist the college officials and academic administrators in assessing and evaluating the current status of the Departments, Faculties and Colleges of Communication with regards to the importance of Information and Communications Technology impart to the knowledge of communication students. In this manner, they will be able to make meaningful reviews with the current communications curriculum, and if possible they can make some revisions and amendments with the curriculum including the instructional strategies and activities so that it can improve and enhance the performance of communication students in the Departments, Faculties and Colleges of Communication.
To the Communication Educators The study would benefit the educators to have a deeper understanding with the topic about ICT Literacy. The outcome of the study would help the scholarly teachers or educators to formulate efficient strategies and worthwhile approaches to make learning more comprehensive and retentive through the use of different Information and Communication Technologies, since they are considered as the pillars of knowledge and skills in order to train students for their future career.
To the Communication Students The study would help communication students to be responsible in using different Information and Communications Technologies. The study could encourage them not to abuse the advantages of the new technologies in accessing, evaluating and sharing different information to communicate with other people.
To Future Researchers The study would be a great help to the future researchers for it would benefit them to use this study as their guide and reference in making new researches that has something to do with ICT especially that this kind of topic is a new trend and there are still few references and few AKAP studies to be found.

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