Should children be allowed to participate in beauty pageants Essay

Should children be allowed to participate in beauty pageants, 538 words essay example

Essay Topic: children, beauty

Yaretsi Ortega
Beauty Pageants Should Not Allow Children to Participate.
Children shouldn't be allowed to be in beauty pageants.Children are often forced to enter these pageants,because of the gain in money,beauty,and success within the pageants.Children can enter Glitz,Natural,Scholastic.Glitz pageants consist of Make-up,Hair done,Talent teacher,and the money to enter these pageants,and travel cost.The pageant mom or "stage moms " waste up to thousands os dollars on the girls dresses,couching,hair appiontments.In glitz pageant the contestant that wins gets a big tiara and money as the prize,although the contestants that didnt win they will receive nothing as their prize.The winning cintestants can be mean to those who lost even the mothers brag to the children who didnt win and make them feel horrible.However in natural pageants the contestants are judge on their character,behavior and talent not on the stuff glitz judges would normally look for in the girls.In these pageangs the contestants get to show off their flaws and their natural beauty.These pageants have no winner and no loser the children only enter to have fun and expirence how it feels to be a model.The mother dont force their children to wim or enter the contest.
Have you ever seen the tv show Toddlers and Tiaras in TLC ? The tv show demonstrates the behind the scene of the toddler's behavior off the stage and in her home.Some say the "show is disturbing when the contest is to sex up your little girl" The girls in the show demonstrate the frustration being in the pageants and not winning. In the show you can also see the children being emotionally abused by their parents,coaches,judges.Often the viewers can see the children's abuse they see little girls transform into barbie and forget about how the parent tormented the child to do go or look good.The views can also forget about how the girls are being sexed up and transform into adults in their young ages.The children in the show or out the show can miss out in their "childhood" by not playing with other kids having to keep their faces and body without as scratch.The children have to act like adults and not play like regular kids the children often don't go out they only leave the house to do their appointments or go to coaching class.
The children are being sexualized by shaking their hips in a provocative way ,wearing tiny shorts and adult style clothing,These things can have a long term effect on the children.The contestants don't know they are being sexualized until they look back when they are older they can finally see what has caused them to be the way they are today.The contestants can gain many bad behavior from the pageants such as attitude,superiority,jealousy and hatred against other contestants. The contestants can also gain good behavior such as great self esteem,public speaking,beauty tips and courage.These characteristic can have a great long term effect on the contestants they can have a good set of mind when these characteristic are put or mixed together .

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