Smart Pay Bill (Consumer Billing and Payment) Essay

Smart Pay Bill (Consumer Billing and Payment), 491 words essay example

Essay Topic: pros and cons, environment, time, process

Most of us are always on the lookout for ways to cut the amount of time we spend on mound ware chores. One of the ways online payments has helped free up our time is through the advent of automatic bill pay. You can set up automatic payment plans for utility, and other bills. With an automatic payment plan, the monthly bill is recurrently charged from your account on every month. It makes life easier knowing that bills are paid on time and in full each month. But while there are definite advantages to signing up for automatic payment plans, there are drawbacks as well.
Thoroughly considers the pros and cons and how they could affect your life style before singing up. By eliminating paper bills and check writing, you reduce your impact on the environment. Not only do you save paper and trees, but you eliminate the carbon footprint left by snail mail. You don't have to buy and keep on-hand a constant supply of stamps.
Since you will no longer have to pay for checks, stamps, envelopes, or gas for trips to the post office, having your bills paid automatically saves you money too.
Smart Pay Bill (consumer billing and payment) is a web based application where consumers can get instant utility bills and pay online. Billing and Online Payment for utility bills is a part of the Consumer Service System(CSS), which are applications that supporting the direct contact with the consumer(s).
Billing and online payment was one of the earliest changes to improve efficiency in billing and payment system for the utility bills. The system automates the conventional process of paying by visiting the place. User have to stand in queue for paying bill, the process is time consuming.
Billing and online payment for utility bills will be all kind of web application. It will be a billing and payment system that will be allowing its users to see their bill through the app portal and along with pay it.
This project will be more likely to efficient and reliable while in the current system user even have to wait for the bills being delivered.to their place which sometimes can be delivered late by the delivery boy.
The Online billing and payment for utility bills will meet the following objectives
Consumers view of utility bills.
Application excludes manuals bill calculation.
Online payment of utility bill.
Application save efforts and resources.
Specifically talking about scope of the project, the systems have many limitations and advantages as well.
The scope of our project is very high in the area where there is a great interaction of Consumers. Our Project can also be used in other areas by doing some enhancement in it. Many other companies would adopt this application.
At the end of the project we hope that we will certainly achieve our goal of making such
Application which can fully meet the requirements of a huge market.

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