Sport Psychiatry Essay

Sport Psychiatry, 500 words essay example

Essay Topic: health care, mental health, position, skills

My career as a biathlete culminated with the privilege of training and racing as a member of the U.S. National Biathlon Team, but it was the journey there most impacted who I am today. The sport of biathlon combines cross country ski racing and rifle marksmanship. Training for such an event is defined by pushing beyond one's limits, both mental and physical. Biathlon training and racing taught me many life lessons such as perseverance, resilience, self-discipline, dedication, teamwork, patience and sacrifice. My biathlon racing days are over, but the character strengths I gained on my journey as a biathlete will always be a part of who I am. It is with that same level of passion and drive that I am now pursuing psychiatry.
I naturally tune in to patients' mental health and emotional response regardless of their actual chief complaint. As a medical student I've enjoyed learning about various physical ailments and their treatments, but what intrigues me the most is the patient's emotional response and it's impact on their overall well-being. I've noticed that patients who are in good mental health can and often do live very happy lives despite extreme physical disability. Conversely, when patients don't have their mental health, happiness is elusive regardless of how physically healthy they are. My passion lies in healing of the mind.
Having someone else confide in me when they are struggling is an honor and tremendous responsibility. When people come to me conflicted, in emotional pain, or simply having a bad day, I relish the opportunity to help them see things from different perspectives in such a way that they ultimately come up with their own solution or formulate a different understanding that works for them. I have always sought to understand the evolution of thought processes and interpersonal interactions including topics such as why individual minds create such a wide range of different emotions in the face of the same circumstances, how our inner states impact how we experience life, and how reactions and perceptions can be adjusted to improve how we experience life. I look forward to exploring these types of concepts in real life with my colleagues and attending physicians.
I hope to join a residency characterized by an integrative and collaborative attitude toward psychiatric research and practice. In that setting, I would be able to develop and refine my skills as a physician and therapist, contribute to modern developments in the field, and provide empathetic, high quality care in collaboration with the entire health care team.
I am specifically interested in pursuing a psychiatry residency position at Mayo Clinic. I grew up in Minnesota and as a kid aspiring to become a doctor, I was proud to have the prestigious Mayo Clinic nearby. I have also seen several family members benefit from the exemplary care provided at Mayo Clinic. I can't think of a higher honor than to have the privilege and challenge of training to be a psychiatrist with such a world renowned team.

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