The 3D and CGI technologies in movie industry Essay

The 3D and CGI technologies in movie industry, 277 words essay example

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3-D Film (H2)
Why do you watch a movie? For some people, they watch movies as a form of leisure since they find movies entertaining or interesting. For others, they watch movies to learn and understand its underlying message especially if it is a documentary. Can you imagine if the film that you are watching is in three dimensional?
A 3-D movie could provide a different movie experience for the viewers as it will enhance the illusion of depth perception. For example, if you are watching Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) movie, one might feel that he or she is actually on space because of the illusion that image is in front of you.
Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) (H2)
Are you familiar with 1990s movie Forrest Gump starring academy-award actor Tom Hanks. In one scene, the character Forrest Gump gets a chance to meet the US president. With the use of CGI, an actual footage of the US president is digitally generated with the actual shot of Tom Hanks done in the present times.
CGI effects can create special effects that look like an actual footage. It can enhance an image to make the graphics look realistic similar with 3-D. Although a CGI film can seemingly look expensive due to its production, it can actually be cheaper since real actors can be replaced with animation by a highly-skilled team who are experts on computer animation and graphics.
CGI can be useful also when it comes to restoring old films that are now considered a classic which today's generation should have the opportunity to see. CGI films can also be effective learning tools as it can stimulate one's attention and interest.

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