The amazing country of Columbia Essay

The amazing country of Columbia, 492 words essay example

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Culture is defined as beliefs, arts, customs etc. of a particular society that are passed from generation to generation.
Spanish is the language of Colombia. Extreme Endeavors will need a 100 percent bilingual staff for conducting business in Colombia.
Colombia has a synchronic work culture, which means people do multiple activities at the same time and do not place as much emphasis on timeliness.
Lunch is the most popular business meal. Colombians are usually late for the business meeting but expect punctuality from a foreigner. Business cards are usually not required but if you do use one then make sure it has Spanish translation on the other side. Titles are considered important and don't address your business partner with the first name. Titles such as Seor (Mr), Seora (Mrs) and Seorita (Miss) are commonly used. Start with a short talk and chose a topic like culture, history, issues around family and weekend plans. Avoid issues like drug trafficking and internal conflict in the country. Trust is important and can make or break a deal. Gifts are generally expected at the business meetings.
Colombian businesspeople are more indirect at communications and will often say 'no' by saying maybe or they will get back to you. Colombian businesspeople may not take your phone call if they have no interest in the business deal.
The President of Colombia is the head of state according to the Colombian Constitution of 1991.
President is elected by popular vote every four years. President Santos was re-elected for a second term in 2014 and is committed towards Peace and Stability by resolving the internal conflict.
Colombia is the third largest country in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico. Colombia has highlighted as a 'top reformer' by World Bank for trading across borders and protecting investors. Colombia has emerged as one of the most open markets and regional hub in the Latin America. Colombia has Free Trade Agreements with the USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Panama, Canada, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the European Union. Colombia is a member of several trade organizations including Pacific Alliance, Andean Community, CARICOM, World Trade Organization and Latin American Integration Association. Colombia has stable economic growth.
Colombia is in the Next Tier Market under President Obama's National Export Initiative.
American businesses have reported excessive red tape, bureaucracy, and high tax burden.
Colombia is viewed as a youthful country with a median age of 28 years with a life expectancy of 74 years. Colombia is the third largest population in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico. The literacy rate is 94% and Spanish is the official language. Only 4% population speaks English. Middle class represents 35% of total population of Colombia.
The 'Vive Digital Plan' launched by the MinTIC (Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications) in 2010 has improved
Colombia's main environmental problems are air pollution from vehicle emissions in urban centers, soil erosion, deforestation and the preservation of its wildlife. Safe drinking water is available to 99% of urban dwellers and 70% of the rural population.

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