The analysis of ‘The Killer Angels’ Essay

The analysis of ‘The Killer Angels’, 496 words essay example

Essay Topic: analysis

On Monday June 29, 1863 James Longstreet's scout comes to tell him that there are Union troops close. Longstreet thinks the Confederacy has to block the Union troops from Washington DC. Robert E Lee decided that when the sun rose the next morning they would head towards Gettysburg. Also at this time Joshua Chamberlain was just told that one hundred and twenty men from the Second Maine were going to be joining him. Chamberlain gave a speech to the men about joining the regiment after his speech all but six of the men willingly continued with the regiment. In Gettysburg, John Buford had noticed Confederates close by and thought that there would be a fight. He took ground on Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill.
On Wednesday July 1, 1863 when Lee wakes up he is told that there is still no news from J.E.B. Stuart, who is supposed to be telling Lee of the movement of the Union Armies. In a meeting to decide their strategy, Longstreet voices his thought to get in between the troops and Washington DC, Lee rejects Longstreet's idea and thinks that instead of taking a defensive side they need to attack. Back in Gettysburg Confederate troops attack Buford, Buford is able to hold them off until John Reynolds can reach Gettysburg. Reynolds is killed by a gunshot not long after he got there. Lee arrived later to see the battle going pretty strong. Chamberlain hears word of Gettysburg and starts the journey north. When the day comes to an end the Union troops had retreated back to the hills. This is upsetting for Lee who wanted the hills.
On Thursday July 2, 1863 Chamberlain and his army wake and Chamberlain goes for a walk. Kilrain found an escaped slave who had been shot just under the ribs. In another meeting Lee informs Longstreet that Ewell and Early both opposed his thoughts. Lee thought that it would be best to attack the side to force the Union troops to leave the hill. After going to sleep and being woken by cannons Chamberlain was instructed to bring his regiment to Gettysburg. When the end of the day arrives the Union is still on Little Round Top and Lee has weakened both sides of the Union Army that is on the hills.
On Friday July 3, 1863 Chamberlain was high on top of Round Top and Lee had decided to attack the middle of the Union forces. Lee had his forces fire on the Union wall. Chamberlain began to gather his regiment to prepare for the Confederates to charge. They began to hold their fire to bring the Confederates out into the field. As soon as they were in the open the Union began to fire on the lines creating gaps where there were once people. The confederate artillery quit firing because they didn't like to fire over the heads of their people. The Confederates began to back off. As Lee rode off Longstreet gave the final order to retreat.

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