The aspects of healthy lifestyle Essay

The aspects of healthy lifestyle, 488 words essay example

Essay Topic: healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is defined as a way of living including behaviours that promote or impair good health and longevity from being affected by any diseases. Healthy lifestyle have an influence on health status (Bellow &Breslow, 1972). Good health allows one to perform sufficiently and individualistically in a repetitively varying atmosphere ideal or optimal wellness is a sense that one is functioning at one's best level (Alters & Schiff, 2013). The healthy lifestyle comprises several aspects such as quality of sleep, nutritional intake, the tobacco smoking usage of illicit substances (recreational drugs) and alcohol consumption and adaptation to physical activities.
Sleep is an energetic, recurring biological phenomenon essential for survival (Fuad, 2010). Sleep research attested that the ordinaryadultrequires, a range of 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, teenagers need about 9.5 hours, and infants largelynecessitateabout 16 hours per day (Lai, 2013). Nutritional intake or a balance dietary intake is necessary to the human in order to maintain their well-being.Food as the basic need for human survival (Ali & Abdullah, 2012). The tobacco smoking usage of illicit substances (recreational drugs) and alcohol consumption among teenagers and adults has become a severe issue nowadays. Lastly, regular physical activities are a vital contributor to upright health. Increased physical activity has been allied with lessened risk for diseases to occur (Ansari, 2011).
Unhealthy lifestyle behaviours are the major risk factors for conditions like overweight, obesity and chronic non-communicable diseases(Al-naggar, 2013). Even though it is known to be a vital issue that need to be concerned, most likely many individuals are inattentive regarding it. Hasty modifications in diets and lifestyles that have arisen with industrialization, urbanization, economic development and market globalization have accelerated over the past decade(Aung, 2012).In 2008, the World Health Organization Global Status Report 2010 recorded a number of 36.1 million deaths around the world caused by four main non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which are heart diseases, chronic lung diseases, cancers, and diabetes while heart attacks and strokes are among the main death causes in Malaysia (The Star, 2012). The NCDs is mainly caused by the unhealthy lifestyle practices. To evade the occurrence of NCDs, the healthy lifestyle practice is vitally needed.
In a smaller range of focus, this healthy living way plays a countless role particularly in a student's life. This is because, university students are theoretically an essential targets for the promotion of healthy lifestyles as this may lessen the risks of lifestyle-related disorders later in life(Nutr, 2011). University years are a period where students increasingly make independent choices about their lifestyle and health practices(Ansari, 2011). College or university life is a vital stage for individuals as at this time their behaviours are conducive to change (Sajwani, 2009). Therefore, a well-being way is required in order to sustain a positive energy to equalize the variationsoccurred.College or university life is also a phase during which individuals are for the most part subjected to high level of stress and deficiency of time, posing an obstruction in adoption of healthy practices in their daily life (Sajwani, 2009).

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