The Backstepping control Essay

The Backstepping control, 497 words essay example

Essay Topic: position, traditional, problem, translation

The control laws for rotation and translation subsystem obtained by backstepping control. Simulation in Simulink showed the satisfactory results. In a real system, the initial condition is set as 32 degrees for roll angle and the stabilization is obtained in less than 5 minutes. It is difficult to give the same initial condition as a simulation for roll angle on the test bench. Despite limitations in term of delay and error by the tethering system, experimental results show that backstepping controller is able to stabilize the system.
presented a backstepping approach to a quadrotor mini helicopter. It is divided into three subsystems, the first one representing the underactuated subsystem, gives the dynamic relation of the horizontal positions with the pitch and roll angles. The second full actuated subsystem represents the dynamic behavior of the vertical position and the yaw angle. The last subsystem gives the dynamic of the four rotors propeller system. Simulation and experimentation results show the good performances of the backstepping controller. The controller stabilizes the whole system and was able to drive a quadrotor helicopter to the desired trajectory of Cartesian positions and the yaw angle.
design a control law for accurate path following of underactuated autonomous vehicle (AUV) based on backstepping control. Simulation results illustrated the performance of the control system proof the convergence of the vehicles trajectory to the path. proposed a backstepping controller for path following control of the underactuated surface vessel. The simulation results illustrate the performance of the backstepping controller with good precision.
Another control method widely used in the robotics and automation industry is PID control. The PID algorithm is popularly used mainly because it has a simple structure, it provides good performance, and it can be tuned even if the specific model of the controlled plant or system is not available . PID control has been applied to solve this nonlinear quadrotor problem however, the stability of these methods is only guaranteed in a restricted domain. Nonlinear control methods can substantially expand the domain of controllable compared to linear controls.
proposed a PID backstepping with an application for quadrotor helicopter. The control strategy includes feedback linearization coupled with a PD controller for the translation subsystem and a backstepping PID nonlinear controller for the rotation subsystem of the quadrotor. The PID backstepping controller is compared with a conventional PID and it is evident that the PID backstepping controller presents higher robustness and better transient performances than the traditional PID version.
compared the performance of backstepping controller with and without integral for motion control systems. The results show by added integral, steady state tracking error is eliminated from the close loop system and the fast tracking performance is preserved. A quadrotor called as OS4 studied by is achieved to takeoff, hover, and land in avoids collisions automatically by using integral backstepping controller. studied stabilization with motion planning for the model of the X4-Flyer using integral backstepping control. Analysis of the integral backstepping controller and their robustness regarding disturbance shows the effectiveness.

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