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Effective market of products is most of the time a key challenge when it comes to the business that is related to computer based and digital games. However, the UK market is an excellent one as the games companies are continuously expanding and opening offices that make them move closers to the consumers for their products. On the same note, the search and advertisement engines are more advanced to increase the scope of people these messages reach. The UK computer games industry consists of companies that have realized they need more than just a simple developer when it comes to building good games (OECD, 2005). The Companies in this industry are hence looking for developers who are more experienced, and also have tested new deigns and the skills of interaction. The companies have developed strong partnerships across most media platforms with an added advantage of UK having one of the largest media platforms in the world.
Impact on Industry Attractiveness over Time
The game industry in the UK is dymamic. The companies that deal in the designing and the development of games have increased in number and it is as well estimated that these companies actively contribute to the economy of the country. The computer based is currently experiencing entrepreneurial boom in relation to the number of companies that are joining the industry (Marchand & Hennig-Thurau, 2013). iPhones and iPads have become the key platforms through which the sector is continuously developing. Most of the companies currently target the apple platform. Moreover, the hub for the game-making activities located across the UK has increased in number.
Official statistics done in the UK has indicated that the computer game companies have been included in the IT software and computer data (Nesta, 2014). Therefore, with regard to the broader classification and the creative economy in UK, there is an increase in the number of IT software and jobs that relate to computer services. The digital migration has hence made the games sector bigger compared to how it had been previously predicted. The digital platform has made some game receive the fastest sales gross of any product in reference to the general entertainment industry and history (Kerr,2003). Additionally, UK games companies have even grown to the sale of games outside the UK and Europe at large. The gaming industry has also developed the concept of e-sports amongst consumers. Events such as the Insomnia contributed a large part in the development of e-sports as the Coventry-based conference which gathered over thirty thousand gamers was able to produce positive results through the competition that was in relation to the video gaming tournament. The Computer games industry has become more attractive over time as the sector currently has been able to create more than ten million dollars' gross value that has consequently added value to the economy of UK.
Impact of Industry Analysis on Prism Leisure Corporation
Prism Leisure Corporation is a distributing Company and a publishing company that has a primary obligation of focusing

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