The connection between self esteem and body image Essay

The connection between self esteem and body image, 496 words essay example

Essay Topic: self esteem, body, image

The strong connection between selfesteem and body image has been widely documented. Perceptions of the physical body are part of selfconcept, and they form an integral part of overall selfworth. The evaluation of ones size, weight, or other aspects of the body that determine the manner in which the body is viewed are the essential components of the physical aspect of body image. (Kirby, 2007). Selfperception is the mental picture we hold of our bodies, it incorporates both how we see ourselves (selfperception) and how we feel about us. Selfperception grows mostly as a component of society in light of social beliefs. For example, in Westernized societies such as the United States, people tend to perceive thinness and attractiveness as desirable physical traits for women (Lennon, 2007). Perfectionist persons set high standards in different life domains and criticize severely their performance. Initially viewed as a onedimensional construct, perfectionism is described as having multiple dimensions. Society had set high standards for woman to be thin. Thus, the personal dimension of perfectionism includes having high expectations directed toward oneself. Being overconcerned with weight and shape can lead to misinterpretations of body related information about oneself. Selfesteem levels have also been linked to body satisfaction. During adolescences, girls may also experience some sort of emotional disturbance, which can lead them to believe they are unattractive. The evaluation of body weight is frequently inaccurate. Females have been found to experience dissatisfaction with physical appearance at a much higher rate than males At the same time, woman move further and further to the thin ideal body, they become more preoccupied by they appear in others perception, they started to make appearance as an important focus point.
Social Media
Since selfesteem and body are connected, there is no surprise that social media has much impact on body image as it does on selfesteem. American survey of over 500 adolescent girls, nearly 70% believed that social media like magazine pictures influenced their idea of the ideal body shape. (Daniel Clay, 2005). The overemphasis on appearance among woman is in part cause by the social media. It is undeniable that media has strong influence on how an adolescent woman should be look. Proof for the negative impacts of womans comparison with media pictures is ample. Exploration has found that woman who report as often as possible compare themselves with other same sexual, especially woman in the social media, are more likely to show signs of negative mood and body image dissatisfaction. Humans are believes to possess a fundamental drive to compare themselves with others to fulfilling affiliation needs. (Erin A. Vogel, 2014). Cultivation theory says that social media has become the main source of storytelling in today's society especially woman. (SERDAR). Media like television, magazine, newspaper or website are believe to encourage a woman to have an unrealistic thin body. For example, models or celebrities that exposed on media are always thin. Research also suggested that woman are relying on those sources to deliver a conceptualized image of the real world.

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