The dispute about marijuana legalization Essay

The dispute about marijuana legalization, 503 words essay example

Essay Topic: marijuana

The biggest social issues and debates for legalization and the status of marijuana health benefits are under question. Research shows that marijuana doesn't actually affect the personality or behavior of the user. It is an inaccurate presumption to think the people that take marijuana are low lives, the majority of users are just normal people looking to have fun with friends, simply relax and even kids use it. These presumptions are what led to the belief of the gateway effect, which is when the use of weak drugs precedes, and can lead to, future use of more dangerous hard drugs or crime.. As more and more studies are being made the benefits are becoming clearer, unlike tobacco with no benefits, it's been proven that it's not a gateway drug and governments are unknowing of the consequences of legalizing, if it stops or increases the lives lost in the drug war.
The benefits of marijuana include helping chemotherapy, AIDS, and HIV patients deal with nausea, pain, weight loss, and anxiety. But newer uses and benefits are being discovered. Marijuana can help different types of cancers from brain to breast cancer and leukemia to lung cancer. The main compound in marijuana, THC, creates autophagy, this causes cancerous cells to feed upon themselves, eliminating cancer. This only affects cancer cells. Studies show that THC also seems to prevent certain cancers, like lung cancer. Research done by universities found that marijuana users had no increase in lung cancer and were fewer than those who did not smoke at all. Smokers of tobacco were three times more likely to have lung cancer. Marijuana has helped people suffering from Alzheimer's, asthma, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, schizophrenia, depression/anxiety, and more.
Marijuana isn't as bad as the drug society has said it to be. It's an all natural drug that does more than any FDA approved drugs, prescribed medicine has killed and injured more than marijuana has, no one has overdosed on marijuana and died unlike how many people have died of a prescription drug overdose. The idea of marijuana being a gateway drug is wrong because the majority of people using it don't go on to use harder drugs. It's important to know that addiction and gateway drugs work differently depending on one's social environment, if you are more lonely you are more likely to get addicted and go on to harder drugs but if you have a somewhat social life you will feel inclined to not chase after drugs.
The legalization of weed is a story of many sides. Recently, parents in California believe that legalization of medicinal marijuana would cause an increase of drug use in teens. If marijuana was legalized throughout the whole country, medicinal not recreational which would add even more money, it would cause a huge change in the national economy but no one wants to budge.
From looking at the evidence and studies done on marijuana it is evident that there are clear benefits of marijuana but at the risk of inhaling smoke

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