The effect and the causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Essay

The effect and the causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 497 words essay example

Essay Topic: effect

I. In order to comprehend the causes of CTS, let's start with what CTS really is and its effect on the human body.
A. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the irritation and compression of the median nerve within the carpal tunnel tendon of the wrist and forearm.
1. According to the article "Carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist" published in the Sligo Champion found on the Proquest database, the development of CTS is mostly seen in manual laborers and those who engage in activities which result in overuse of the hand(s).
2. The same article also states that this condition occurs frequently in pregnant women and adults ages 40-60. However, CTS can develop at any age and is found 3-4 times more commonly in females than males.
B. There are a few symptoms that correlate with CPS, ranging from mild to severe that should never be ignored.
1. According to the article "You can Get a Grip on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" published in the Chicago Tribune, found on the Proquest database, Dr. Gary Kronen of MidAmerica Hand to Shoulder Clinic, board-certified hand and plastic surgeon says "Numbness is the hallmark People with carpal tunnel syndrome first notice tingling or numbness- especially at night. Sometimes the tingling or pain may radiate up the forearm and even into the shoulder. But if you don't have numbness, it's typically not CTS."
2. The medical diagnosis of CTS can be found in two main ways
a. According to the article "Pain, numbness are signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" published in the Pittsburgh Post, found on the Proquest database, first a medical history is taken and an examination is conducted.
b. Second, a nerve conduction test to analyze the flow of signals through the median nerve to find out if they are slowed.
Internal Summary/ Preview Now that we have discussed the definition of CTS and its symptoms, let's carry on with its causes.
II. In order to understand the causes of CTS, let's take a look at what we do in our daily lives that can result in CTS.
A. Earlier we talked about the development of CTS in people who engage in activities resulting in the overuse of the hand. This includes but not limited to repetitive motions and forceful use of the hand.
B. People may think that the condition directly arises from excessive use of a keyboard, but there have been no studies that provide support for that claim. However, forceful use of the hand such as operating a jackhammer and other power tools, have been directly linked to causing CTS.
1. This is not to say however that repetitive use of the keyboard or cellphone etc. do not influence Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because these actions are repetitive and thus associated.
Internal Summary/ Preview Since we now understand the causes of CTS, finally, let's view its treatments.
III. The treatment of Carpal Tunnel ranges from conservative methods, such as splinting by using what we would commonly call a brace, or other more invasive methods.

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