The effectiveness of artificial intelligence in the transportation sector Essay

The effectiveness of artificial intelligence in the transportation sector, 493 words essay example

Essay Topic: artificial intelligence, transportation

Infact, we have decided to use this source because it reflects what our topic discussed about in a more concise way. Therefore, we want to use it in order to support our arguments about the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in the transportation sector.
EU. Intelligent Transport Systems. 1st ed. Belgium European Union, 2010, 2010. Print. ISBN 9789279164019. DOI 10.2777/16313.
This research report indicates how the application of Artificial Intelligence in transportation industry can boost the economic performance, driving safety, mobility as well as the environmental sustainability for the benefit of all.
This report is a good source based to the type of analysis and strong arguments that constitutes its chapters. Therefore, we have decided to use it for further documentation and insights on the terms related to the topic. Infact, it provides clear and concise explanations about the relationship of advanced technologies in traffic systems and the affordability of transport services as well as the sustainability development of the transportation industry. Furthermore, the report provides detailed information about various technical terms used in this field and the most recent technologies.
Picone, Marco, and Stefano Busanelli. Advanced Technologies For Intelligent Transportation Systems. Springer, 2014, 2014. Print. ISBN 3319106686, 9783319106687
This books focuses on emerging technologies in the field of intelligent Transportation systems also referred to as ITSs .Infact, these technologies which are concerned about the efficient information dissemination between vehicles, pedestrians, infrastructures as well as public transportation systems .Therefore, it provide a detailed information regarding several application scenarios and treatment of various emerging technologies in the field of communication and information.
This book is a good source because , in this paper there is a section in which we discussed about these communication technologies in the field of transportation and the way it can help in linking people who are located in different places ,for example in case of an accident the technologies can help to connect people on the place of incident with the hospitals staff for first aid. Therefore, we plan to use this source specifically in supporting our arguments and examples related to the topic and specific sections of our paper.
Sustekov, Daniela, and Marta Knutelsk. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPLICATIONS ESPECIALLY THE NEURAL NETWORKS USE IN THE ROAD TRANSPORT. 1st ed. Riga, Latvia Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Lomonosova, 2013.
This is an article that is intended to familiarize the readers the reason behind the current concern about the artificial intelligence in traffic. In fact, the authors explain the transportation industry can benefit from this technologies and how it can improve the effectiveness of transport services. In addition to that, there is a section of the articles that describes and explains in deep about the neural networks in this field.
It is important to note that, we found the information contained by this article relevant because they helped us to understand more about this topic and to get sufficient arguments. Therefore, this article is an overview of the application of the artificial intelligence in the transportation, which meets the interest of our topic.

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