The geography of Saudi Arabia Essay

The geography of Saudi Arabia, 496 words essay example

Essay Topic: geography

Saudi Arabia covers 80% of the Arabian Peninsula. Its known as the tenth largest country in the world witch is covering 1.64% of the world's land surface area and being 8% the surface area of Asia. The Majority of Saudi Arabia is desert. According to WWF witch is one of the largest conservation organizations in the world. WWF said that because Saudi Arabia can be divided into six Eco regions witch they are Persian Gulf desert and semi-desert on the east coast, Arabian peninsula coastal desert along the southern half of the west coast, South-west Arabian foothill savanna, South-west Arabian high mountains, Red Sea tropical desert and semi-desert along the north half of the west coast, Desert and xeric mount of Arabia and Sinai. I am from Jubail industrial city, it's small but fast growing city. It has a lot of factories for different industries and worked hard to solve the water and energy problems.
The climate is hot and dry in summer that could reach 45 degrees C and cool in winter that can drop down to 14 C in the most part of Saudi Arabia but some cities that on the mountains they have better weather than other cities and they have a chances of getting snow. The hot weather is the normal weather in my country for almost all the year. Chances of rain are small for most of the year too but we have rain usually on the winter session.
Since the weather is hot for most of the year, so we don't have a lot of Green surfaces and not a lot of Animal species that can live in this kind of weather. Palm Tree is the most common tree in my country and it the tree that produces date and that something we are known about it. For the most animal that my country known about is camels and horses they are the animals that can handle heat, other than these two species we have a lot of kind of species that we protect from Extinction. Falcons are known in Saudi Arabia it's a way to hunt on old days but still people use them for hunt.
My city is filled with factories that make and produce different material, and then took an attention about water and clean energy problem and made the biggest desalination plant and that was big step for my city that helped a lot by either water or energy problem. Oil companies are the biggest around from the industries because of the value of it. We have the largest amount of oil and we sell and ship to other countries and not use it. we do have factories and product a lot of thing that used in my country on shipped to other country that may need to use But we don't have Automobile factories or big creative factories. We have some of the historical places and new places that let the tourists come from all different places in the world.

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