The influence of violence in videogames on children Essay

The influence of violence in videogames on children, 498 words essay example

Essay Topic: violence, children, influence

It has been recognized that many of the earlier research done on violent video games and trying to link them to one's real world violence was problematic, most studies used the outcome measures that have nothing to do with real-life aggression and have forgot to keep in mind the important variables such as family violence, mental health issues or even gender that may have a possible influence on the outcome of how an individual may react to violent video games.
Children that are exposed to violence are more likely to see violence as an adequate form of settling conflict. When people are exposed to violent video games it increases antisocial behavior and aggressive thoughts and behavior, poor school performance and emotional desensitization to real world violence.
Its effortless to accuse games because games seem to be something we like to think we could regulate. Whereas if we start talking about violence in the family, or bullying at schools, or things that involve human factors that where things get more complicated.
''Playing a violent game wont turn you into a murderer or a serial killer. Most studies show that very clearly on the contrary violent games allow players to express themselves. Its like an outlet for them in a way.'' (Fondaumiere 2009) The real question that needs to be asked before blaming anything on violence being created because of violent video games is "what makes a criminal?" ''according to research out of Finland, many criminals may share a pair of genes that the researcher say is linked to higher rates of violent crime. A paper published in the journal molecular psychiatry repots on the genetic analysis of approximately 900 criminal offenders. The study stated that the results imply that 5-10% of all severe violent crimes in Finland is attributable to the two genes." (Keim 2013) The researchers were careful to emphasize that "the genes could not be used to screen criminals.'' (Keim 2013) Simply possessing the genes is not enough to say for sure that a person will commit a violent crime. Genetics alone cannot tell us why a person is urged to criminal behavior environmental factors play an important role too.
Video games aren't likely to be the sole source of violence, but rather an amplifier.
''During the period in which gaming became widespread in America, violent crimes have fallen by half. If games really did make people violent, this tendency might be expected to show up in the figures, given that half of Americas play computer games and video games. Perhaps, as some suggested, gaming actually makes people less violent, by acting as a safety valve.'' (Economist 2005) and even with "comprehensive review of every experimental study, reviewing 381 effects from studies involving 130,000 people, and results show that playing violent video games increases aggressive thoughts, anger feelings, and physiological arousal." Brad Bushman a physiologist at Ohio State University.
What people tend to forget to remember is that having a violent thought is a whole different than actually committing the violence.

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